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G2 Esports Eliminates Top Esports with a Dominating Sweep

G2 Esports Eliminates Top Esports with a Dominating Sweep

    Last Updated on May 15, 2024

Imagine the electrifying atmosphere at the 2024 League of Legends MSI where G2 Esports stands tall after a clash of titans. In a stunning turn of events, G2 sweeps Top Esports in a clean 3-0 victory. This match, nestled in the intense lower bracket stage, was more than just a game—it was a statement.


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Match Highlights and the EMEA Region’s Triumph

As EMEA’s last hope, G2 Esports not only met expectations but soared beyond them. Their victory was a clear sweep, a 3-0 that reignited the spark of hope for fans back home. Remember, before this, many thought G2 wouldn’t stand a chance against the Worlds-winning lineup of Top Esports. But G2 turned the tables, firmly etching the “G2 sweeps Top Esports” headline into MSI 2024’s history.

G2’s Dominant Strategies

G2’s game plan was nothing short of genius. Their drafts—a multi-AD-carry strategy—left Top Esports grappling with bans and trying to anticipate G2’s next move. This approach not only brought firepower but also showcased G2’s ability to innovate on the fly, a key factor in ensuring the “G2 sweeps Top Esports” outcome.

Key Players and Moments

Caps stayed consistent, a rock for G2 throughout the series. But the real game-changer was the bot lane. Hans Sama and Mikyx dominated from the start, securing an early gold lead that snowballed into victory. Each game reinforced the “G2 sweeps Top Esports” narrative, with the EMEA team outplaying their renowned opponents at every turn.

Post-match, even TES top laner 369 acknowledged G2’s championship potential. If they keep up this level of play, the “G2 sweeps Top Esports” headline could be a precursor to even greater achievements. As fans eagerly await G2’s next match, one thing is clear: the eyes of the world will be watching.


This 3-0 sweep is more than just a win for G2; it’s a historic moment for the EMEA region. For the first time since 2018, G2 has shown that they can take down an LPL team in a best-of-five. With the “G2 sweeps Top Esports” storyline unfolding, the region can dare to hope for a triumphant year in the international arena.

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