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Forced Bedtime System By TFT Developers

Forced Bedtime System By TFT Developers

    Last Updated on August 19, 2023

Teamfight Tactics can be quite addictive, which is why the developers want a forced bedtime system. After all, everyone needs to go to sleep at some point. Yet, this is a proven concept for social media platforms like TikTok. However, are the devs serious about this? The potential to enforce health and backlash at the same time might be too much to handle.

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Why a Forced Bedtime System?

Before we say anything else, you should treat this announcement as a joke. Although Riot Games has no official announcements regarding the matter, take the news with a grain of salt. After all, the concept of forcing everyone to sleep by 10pm is as ridiculous as it sounds.

Yes, TikTok proved the concept of limited screen time to help users curb their addiction. However, a forced bedtime system for the auto-chess game will receive some potential backlash. Everyone should know by now that you can’t stop a gamer from gaming. Although we believe the announcement was with good intentions, it just doesn’t sound right.

Yet, the simple tweet from the Lead Designer of Teamfight Tactics was enough to convince a number of players. In his tweet, he says that TFT servers will shut down between 9:45pm and 7am local time. You can check out the full tweet below:

Forced Bedtime System Tweet | @RiotMort on Twitter

The tweet about a forced bedtime system received positive feedback from many players in the community. Yet, we also can’t help but feel the negative feedback once the devs implement it. We can only wait for more official announcements from the TFT team or Riot Games. So, stay tuned to the website as we try to get more information on the matter.

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