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FlyQuest Bwipo Remarks Why the Team Fell Short at MSI 2024

FlyQuest Bwipo Remarks Why the Team Fell Short at MSI 2024

    Last Updated on May 11, 2024

Summoners, as the dust settles on the Mid-Season Invitational 2024, FlyQuest’s top laner Bwipo has opened up about the team’s early exit. The journey of FlyQuest Bwipo at MSI 2024 was one of high hopes and hard lessons, a tale that many North American fans watched with bated breath.


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Initial Victory and Subsequent Defeat

FlyQuest’s MSI 2024 campaign kicked off with a promising victory against PSG Talon, but the tides turned when they faced the formidable T1. The 2-0 loss to the Korean titans was more than just a defeat; according to FlyQuest Bwipo at MSI 2024, it was a blow that “shattered” the team’s confidence, casting a shadow over their morale that lingered throughout the tournament.

Bwipo’s Insight on Team Morale

In a candid interview, Bwipo revealed the internal struggles FlyQuest faced post-defeat. The loss to T1 was a turning point for FlyQuest Bwipo at MSI 2024, as the team grappled with rebuilding their self-esteem. Bwipo highlighted the importance of small victories, like solo kills, in regaining confidence—something they found challenging to achieve after their setback.

Despite the overall dip in team morale, Bwipo commended teammates Inspired and Jensen for their resilience. Reflecting on his own performance, Bwipo admitted that even his steadfastness had its limits. A humbling realization for the veteran player at MSI 2024.

Emotional Response and Community Backlash

The emotional weight of the tournament’s outcome was palpable as Bwipo discussed FlyQuest’s journey. In addition, his personal expectations from international events. FlyQuest Bwipo at MSI 2024 also addressed the community’s harsh criticism. Underscoring the team’s commitment to nurturing NA talent despite the region’s recent track record.

Efforts to Grow NA Talent

Bwipo stood in defense of FlyQuest’s efforts, as well as those of other organizations like Team Liquid, to bolster the NA scene. He shed light on the challenges FlyQuest Bwipo at MSI 2024 and his peers face in elevating the region’s standing on the international stage.

Understanding the cyclical nature of criticism toward NA teams, Bwipo acknowledged that backlash has become a “ritual.” This cultural aspect of the response to NA’s performance has become a familiar backdrop for players like FlyQuest Bwipo.


As FlyQuest and Bwipo reflect on their MSI 2024 experience. The lessons learned will undoubtedly shape their approach to future competitions. The path to international success is fraught with challenges. However, for FlyQuest and the broader NA region, the journey continues with a renewed resolve to rise above and make their mark in the League of Legends competitive scene.

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