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Faker’s Damaged Hall of Legends Trophy Results to Community Outrage

Faker’s Damaged Hall of Legends Trophy Results to Community Outrage

    Last Updated on June 10, 2024

As the League of Legends community celebrated Faker’s induction into the Hall of Legends, the accolade was tarnished by the revelation of his damaged trophy. The Faker Hall of Legends Trophy, intended as a physical manifestation of respect and achievement, became a focal point for disappointment and community debate.

Reception of the Damaged Trophy

The moment the flawed Faker Hall of Legends Trophy was unveiled, fans and followers immediately took notice. Captured in a video that spread across platforms, the trophy’s blemishes did not go unnoticed. A crack-like scratch and an apparently damaged side sparked a surge of reactions.

Community Outrage and Response

The disappointment in the presentation of the Faker Hall of Legends Trophy quickly morphed into outrage within the community. On Reddit, fans voiced their discontent, labeling the incident as both disrespectful and symbolic of broader issues within Riot Games’ management. The sentiment was clear: such a misstep, especially concerning a figure of Faker’s stature, was unacceptable. Fans expected better, especially for an esports icon like Faker.

Riot’s Oversight and Action

In a swift effort to rectify the oversight, Riot Games acknowledged the defect in the Hall of Legends Trophy and provided a replacement. Riot’s quick turnaround helped mitigate some of the initial displeasure voiced by the community.

The controversy surrounding the initial state of the Hall of Legends Trophy led to a broader discourse on Riot Games’ priorities. The irony of selling pricey in-game content while overlooking accolade quality did not sit well with the fans. This incident has become a touchstone for community discussions about the company’s operational focus.


Although the issue of the damaged Faker Hall of Legends Trophy was swiftly addressed. The incident left a lasting impression on the League of Legends community. As Riot Games continues to push forward, the integrity of the company remains a point of interest for its audience. The saga of Faker’s trophy, while concluded satisfactorily. Serves as a reminder of the community’s power and the expectation of excellence that always accompanies its legends.

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