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Faker’s $400 Signature Skin Bundle Most Expensive Bundle in League of Legends History

Faker’s $400 Signature Skin Bundle Most Expensive Bundle in League of Legends History

    Last Updated on May 31, 2024

League of Legends fans and collectors, brace yourselves for the launch of the most expensive in-game purchase yet—Riot Games has just revealed the Faker Bundle. This bundle celebrates the iconic player’s induction into the Hall of Legends. For those ready to splurge, the Faker Bundle is a treasure trove waiting to be unlocked.

Luxury and Exclusivity: The Faker Bundle Explained

The Faker Bundle stands as a tribute to one of esports’ greatest legends. Riot is offering various content tiers, where the lavish Signature Immortalized Legend Collection crowns the selection.

Brace for the impact of this bundle as it is priced at approximately $450. In addition, it is brimming with content and much more. The bundle includes special edition augments for Ahri and LeBlanc skins—items set to immortalize Faker’s legacy.

BundleSkins IncludedPrice in RPEstimated Price in USD
Hall of Legends 2024 PassRisen Legend LeBlanc Skin1,950 RPUS$15.98
Risen Legend CollectionRisen Legend Ahri5,430 RPUS$43.98
Immortalized Legend CollectionImmortalized Legend Ahri32,430 RPUS$249.97
Signature Immortalized Legend CollectionImmortalized Legend Ahri59,260 RPUS$449.95

The Cost of Prestige

Owning a piece of League history comes with a hefty price tag. The magnificent Faker Bundle can be yours for 59,260 Riot Points. To avoid overspending, you’ll want to capitalize on the most value-packed RP bundles available. Purchasing four of the 49.99 bundle—to precisely cover the cost of the Faker Bundle without wasting a single point.

Contributing to a Legend

Not only does acquiring the Faker Bundle elevate your League of Legends experience—it also directly supports the man at the heart of it. Faker himself, his team, and the Global Revenue Pool will benefit from 30% of the revenue generated by these sales. By investing in the Faker Bundle, you’re not just buying items; you’re bolstering the broader esports community.

Accessibility for All Fans

If the Faker Bundle’s price is beyond your reach, worry not. Riot is preparing a wide array of content fit for everyone’s budget during the Hall of Legends event. With an event pass featuring over 100 levels, every fan can join in the month-long celebration of Faker’s illustrious career without purchasing the most expensive collection yet.

Conclusion: Embracing the Hall of Legends Event

From June 12 to July 15, you have the chance to join in a special moment of League of Legends history. Whether by securing the lavish Faker Bundle or enjoying other event features, every player can find a way to participate in honoring Faker’s remarkable esports journey. Celebrate how you wish. However, whatever you choose, you should remember. It’s not just a game—it’s an era being celebrated.

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