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Faker is the First Inductee in the League of Legends Hall of Legends

Faker is the First Inductee in the League of Legends Hall of Legends

    Last Updated on May 24, 2024

When you think of League of Legends, one name often stands above the rest: Faker. His prowess and impact on the esports scene are unmatched. This easily gives Faker the distinguished honor of being the first inductee into the prestigious League of Legends Hall of Legends.

This moment is a testament to the legacy of a player who, through skill and determination, has become synonymous with the highest echelons of competitive play.


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The League of Legends Hall of Legends

Riot Games introduced the Hall of Legends to celebrate individuals who have made significant contributions to League’s esports culture. As a shrine to the game’s most impactful players and coaches, the Hall serves as a tribute to those like Faker who have elevated the sport and inspired millions worldwide. The Faker Hall of Legends induction recognizes these achievements and immortalizes them for future generations of gamers.

Faker’s Legendary Career Highlights

Faker has long been the face of League of Legends excellence. Since his start with SK Telecom T1—now T1—in 2013, he’s secured an unparalleled four World Championship titles. Let’s break down his accolades:

  • Four-time World Champion (most in League history)
  • Ten LCK titles (most by any player)

His journey to the Faker Hall of Legends is packed with such groundbreaking achievements. Each of them underscoring why he’s not just a player but a phenomenon in the League of Legends saga.

The Selection Process for Inductees

Becoming part of the League of Legends Hall of Legends isn’t a walk in the park. It demands a panel of judges across regional leagues to identify nominees rigorously. For Faker, the unanimous decision by 50 global panelists underlines the profound respect he commands across all competitive regions. It isn’t surprising that they chose Faker, given his monumental influence both in and out of the game.

Celebrating Faker’s Induction

In honor of Faker’s induction into the Hall of Legends, Riot Games and Mercedes-Benz crafted a one-of-a-kind art piece. Moreover, they surprised Faker with a stunning custom Mercedes-AMG SL 63—a vehicle befitting of a legend.

Plus, you can join the festivities with a special in-game event that walks you through Faker’s illustrious career and unlocks commemorative cosmetic items themed after him. It’s rumored that the much-awaited Ahri skin, a nod to the Unkillable Demon King, will soon join the celebration.


To witness Faker’s journey is to watch League of Legends history in its entirety. Following his first honor in ESL’s Esports Hall of Fame back in 2018, the Faker Hall of Legends recognition further cements his status as an enduring icon.

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