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EMEA Masters Spring 2024 Viewership Increase from Last Year

EMEA Masters Spring 2024 Viewership Increase from Last Year

    Last Updated on May 3, 2024

League of Legends fans, you’re in for a treat as the EMEA Masters Spring 2024 has shown a notable uptick in viewership. This year’s event not only captivated audiences but also marked a significant increase in the viewership numbers, setting the stage for an even more thrilling esports landscape.


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Viewership Peak and Ranking

The EMEA Masters Spring 2024 Viewership hit a new high with a peak of 152,999 viewers, which is about 40,000 more than the previous year. This surge places the event as the sixth most-watched in the history of EMEA Masters, showcasing the growing interest in the League of Legends competitive scene.

Average Viewership Growth

When you look at the average numbers, the EMEA Masters Spring 2024 Viewership doesn’t disappoint either. With an average of 61,058 viewers, the event saw a significant rise from last spring’s 42,359, nearly reaching the summer 2023 average. This steady growth reflects the event’s ability to keep fans engaged throughout the competition.

Tracing back to 2019, the EMEA Masters has been on an upward trajectory, reaching an all-time high in Spring 2021 with 377,531 viewers. Although the EMEA Masters 2024 Viewership hasn’t quite hit those numbers again, the event is still a major draw for fans around the globe.

Tournament Highlights

The grand final was a momentous occasion, with German team Eintracht Spandau taking the title, making it the most-watched match of the EMEA Masters Spring 2024. Geekay Esports, despite not winning, became the most viewed team, a testament to their growing fanbase and the event’s wide-reaching appeal.

Language and Regional Viewership

Diving into the details, French-speaking platforms led the charge with the highest peak viewership, followed closely by German platforms, which is particularly interesting given the victory of a German organization. The EMEA Masters Spring 2024 Viewership numbers also highlight the diverse international audience, with significant viewership in Turkish and Spanish-speaking regions.

Future of EMEA Masters Viewership

Looking ahead, there’s much anticipation around whether the upcoming Summer 2024 Finals, set to coincide with the LEC roadshow, will boost the EMEA Masters Spring 2024 Viewership even further. This event’s success has set a promising stage for future tournaments, and only time will tell how high the viewership will climb.

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