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Duo Queue Returns to Master Rank in League of Legends 2024 Ranked Split 2

Duo Queue Returns to Master Rank in League of Legends 2024 Ranked Split 2

    Last Updated on May 8, 2024

League of Legends players in the Master tier, rejoice! The much-missed Duo Queue at Master Rank is making a comeback in the 2024 Ranked Split 2. This change is set to reinvigorate the social competitive experience, allowing you to once again team up with a friend as you climb the ranked ladder.


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Historical Context

Duo Queue was removed from the Master tier back in 2021. However, Riot Games has decided to reintroduce Duo Queue. Responding to the community’s call for more collaborative gameplay opportunities. This move is a nod to the importance of teamwork and camaraderie in the high-stakes environment of Master tier play.

Reasons for Reimplementation

The reintroduction of Duo Queue at Master is part of Riot’s broader goal to cater to players who view Ranked League as a social competitive experience. It also aims to support content creators who engage the community by streaming their duo games, adding an element of entertainment to the competitive scene.

With the return of Duo Queue at Master, Riot has adjusted the cutoff for duo play, now setting it at the Grandmaster tier. This ensures that the highest echelons of play, particularly the Challenger leaderboard, remain a solo endeavor to maintain the integrity of matchmaking.

Regional Exceptions

While Duo Queue at Master will be available in most regions, players in Korea and China will not see this feature reinstated. Citing competitive integrity and the challenges of fair matchmaking. Riot used the example of T1’s Gumayusi and Keria to illustrate the potential issues that duo queuing in the Master tier could present.

Riot has expressed a willingness to listen to the communities in Korea and China regarding the Duo Queue feature. The developer remains open to reevaluating their stance based on player feedback and the unique competitive landscape of each region.

Implementation Date and Expectations

Mark your calendars for May 15, when Duo Queue at Master will be re-enabled. This offers a fresh dynamic to the Ranked Split 2. Players are eagerly awaiting this change, ready to pair up and face the challenges of the Master tier together.


The return of Duo Queue at Master is a significant development for League of Legends’ ranked play. Balancing the need for competitive integrity with the desire for a social gaming experience. As you prepare to team up with your trusted allies. Get ready to make the most of this opportunity to climb the ranks and make your mark on the Master tier.

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