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Demotion Protection Removed in League of Legends 2024 Ranked Split 2

Demotion Protection Removed in League of Legends 2024 Ranked Split 2

    Last Updated on May 8, 2024

Summoners, brace yourselves for a pivotal shift in the League of Legends ranked landscape. Starting with the 2024 Ranked Split 2, the safety net you’ve known for over a decade is gone—Demotion Protection will be removed, which means your rank is now directly tied to every match’s outcome.


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Historical Context of Demotion Protection

Demotion Protection has been a staple in League’s ranking system since 2013. This acts as a buffer at zero LP to prevent immediate demotion. This feature has been both a comfort and a point of contention among players, shaping the ranked experience for years.

The Change in Ranked Split 2 of 2024

Riot Games has announced that with Demotion Protection removed, players will now face immediate demotion if their LP loss exceeds the zero-LP mark. This change is set to begin with the upcoming ranked split, marking a new era of competitive play.

With Demotion Protection removed, players must adapt to a more unforgiving system that demands consistent performance. This change emphasizes the importance of every game, reinforcing the competitive integrity that League of Legends strives to uphold.

The removal of Demotion Protection paves the way for a more fluid ranking system, akin to what’s seen in VALORANT. Players will now transition smoothly between divisions, reflecting a true measure of their skill and adaptability.

Tier Demotion and MMR Considerations

While Demotion Protection removed affects divisional ranks, tier demotions still have a buffer in place. Players demoted from a tier will be placed at either 25, 50, or 75 LP in the lower division, depending on their MMR, maintaining a balance between challenge and fairness.

Additional Ranked Changes in Split 2

Alongside Demotion Protection being removed, Ranked Split 2 introduces other changes, including a higher ceiling for provisional game performance. These adjustments aim to refine the ranked system further, offering a more rewarding experience for high-performing players.


The removal of Demotion Protection is a significant change that will undoubtedly shape the future of ranked play in League of Legends. As you prepare for the upcoming split, remember that every match counts more than ever. Embrace the challenge, and may your climb be a testament to your skill and determination in the ever-evolving world of Summoner’s Rift.

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