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Briar Splash Art: Amazing New Take for Vastayans

Briar Splash Art: Amazing New Take for Vastayans

    Last Updated on August 28, 2023

The new League of Legends champion, Briar, looks amazing in her leaked splash art. Although we first suspected the character to be a Darkin, she turns out to be Vastayan. This is everyone’s first look at Briar before she arrives at the Public Beta Environment (PBE) on August 29. However, it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about her part in the lore of Runeterra.

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Briar Splash Art Reveals Her Lore

Before anything else, it turns out the Briar is a vampiric bat Vastayan. At first glance, everyone thought she could be the next Darkin since it stays consistent with the theme. However, it would make sense that she isn’t since Naafiri already came out. However, this could imply that she is more of a vampire than Vladimir.

The splash art for Briar reveals a slender girl with a more feral visual with white hair and pink gradients. Briar wears a black dress and we can see she’s handcuffed by a strange metallic mechanism. However, the main highlight of the art is her serrated teeth and white eyes — as if to indicate she’s blind.

The Lead Champion Designer, Lexical, previously stated that she has an uncontrollable hunger. Although we see popular vampire movies depict control for their well-being, it seems we will receive an unhinged monster on the Summoner’s Rift. It also ties in well with the confirmed rumors of her role.

As we previously wrote, Briar will be the next Jungle champion for the roster. It would stay in line with her theme of uncontrollable hunger because the map has plenty of monsters to eat, as seen in the Briar splash art. Yet, Lexical did say that Briar will experience an overpowering hunger to feast on deserving enemies.

So, what do you think of the splash art? Personally, I’m a fan of the unhinged and feral designs that League of Legends makes. One good example is Kled and Skarl, which, in my opinion, is a good champion design.

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