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Briar Abilities in League of Legends Explained

Briar Abilities in League of Legends Explained

    Last Updated on September 4, 2023

The new champion, Briar, has some interesting abilities that we can’t wait to see in the next patch. After all, we did see her splash art and champion cinematic showing a dangerous, hungry beast. Although we don’t know how it might impact the meta just yet, Briar does show signs of dominating the Jungle.

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Briar Abilities Make Us Hungry Too

The new hungry champion has some abilities that make interesting points. We did see some champion changes in Patch 13.17, including a buff to Tryndamere. This could be a potential setup for a more diverse and competitive champion pool for the Jungle and Top Lane.

However, the fact remains that Brair has some savory abilities fit for a hyper-aggressive player.

  • Passive: Crimson Curse
    • Briar gains increased healing based on her missing health. Attacks and abilities will also apply the Bleed effect. The Bleed will stack and she will do more damage per stack.
  • Q: Head Rush
    • This is one of the interesting abilities because Briar needs to get close. She will leap to a target and stun them for a duration. Landing this ability will also reduce the target’s armor.
  • W: Blood Frenzy/Snack Attack
    • She will leap to a location and enter a Blood Frenzy and self-taunt herself to the nearest enemy. She also gains bonus Atk. Spd. and Move. Spd. and her attacks will deal damage to surrounding targets. You can recast this ability into Snack Attack, which is an empowered attack. It will deal damage based on the Briar’s missing health and heal her on a percentage of damage dealt.
  • E: Chilling Scream
    • Briar has tons of abilities but this takes the cake. She channels for a short duration and she will receive reduced damage and have increased health regeneration. She will release a scream that knocks back opponents, stunning them and dealing extra damage if they hit a wall.
  • R: Certain Death
    • Lastly, Briar launches a hemolith and flies to the location if she hits an enemy champion. Once she arrives, she will also deal physical damage to the target and anything nearby. It will also cause the Flee effect. Briar will also gain a Blood Frenzy, increased Armor, Magic Resist, and Move. Spd.

Briar’s Character Design Explained

Riot Games wanted to finally bring a real vampire character into the roster. After all, we all know that Vladimir is a hemomancer and not a true vampire. Yet, her character design also appeals to players who want an AD Fighter/Assassin champion. Riot also explained that her design is for both new and veteran players because it’s easy to learn.

What do you think about Briar and her abilities? Do you think they might make a full impact in the meta? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments and don’t forget to stay tuned to the website for more news.

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