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Arcane Season 2: Things We Want To See

Arcane Season 2: Things We Want To See

    Last Updated on August 21, 2023

It has been almost two years since Riot Games announced that Arcane Season 2 is in production. You can find the official announcement trailer on their League of Legends YouTube channel. However, our minds are full of theories and opinions about who or what could show up in the next season.

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When Can We Expect to See The New Season?

Before anything else, season one of Arcane was a complete masterpiece. It hit all the right story beats and plot points that stayed in line with the lore or source material. Unfortunately, we will not be seeing it in the last few months of 2023.

However, Riot Games did hint that they finished Episode 3 of Arcane Season 2. Yet, the series is not yet ready for a full release. Although Riot took six years to create the first season, they promised not to make viewers wait another six years. Since the creators finished Episode 3, we can somehow guesstimate that it would be ready in late 2025.

They are also making a movie about Valorant, which could explain the mixed focus. However, if you calculate it, they made the announcement for the new season in November 2021. A year and a half later, in April, we got the hint about Episode 3. So, if it takes a year and more for three episodes, you can have nine episodes in 3-4 years. Yet, that’s not the only exciting part buzzing in our heads.

The one other thing that’s exciting about Arcane Season 2 is where it would take us from the last episode. For those of you who didn’t watch, this is your official spoiler warning. So, you consent to the spoilers if you continue reading. If you already know the lore, then don’t forget to comment on what you think will show up.

What to Expect in Arcane Season 2?

Arcane Season 1 Ending
Arcane Season 1 Ending | © Arcane Netflix Series

In the last episode, we can see Jinx shoot the Super Mega Death Rocket (SMDR) at the council in Piltover. A catastrophic event like that could lead to a time skip, where they address what happens after the fact. We might also possibly see a heavy involvement from Noxus since Councilor Medarda’s mother is a Noxian.

We also hope to see more characters from Zaun and Piltover making an appearance in Arcane Season 2. Champions with a high chance of appearing might be Dr. Mundo, Camille, Blitzcrank, and Renata Glasc. Some fans consider that Twitch, Janna, and Ezreal could make an appearance.

However, they might not make the cut — except for Ezreal, who is a comedic relief. The explanation is simple: Dr. Mundo could be related to Shimmer experiments, Camille and Blitzcrank to keep Piltover safe, and Renata Glasc as a chem-baroness of Zaun. We could see Janna since her lore says she is a spirit god who acts as a protector of Zaun.

Hopefully, we can see regions like Demacia and Ionia since they could have involvement in what happens next. What and who do you think will show up in Arcane Season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned to the website for more news.

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