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Where to Get Hay in Coral Island

Where to Get Hay in Coral Island

    Last Updated on March 14, 2024

As you embark on your farming adventure in Coral Island, you’ll quickly discover the joy of caring for a variety of adorable farm animals. These furry friends not only bring life to your ranch but also contribute to the community’s well-being. To ensure your animals are happy and productive, securing a steady supply of hay in Coral Island is essential. Let’s dive into how you can maintain a bountiful stockpile of this crucial resource.


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What is Hay in Coral Island

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Hay is the cornerstone of animal care on Coral Island. It’s the feed that sustains your barn and coop animals, especially during those days when the weather turns foul. Placing hay in your barn or coop’s trough guarantees that your animals have access to food regardless of the conditions outside. Remember, an unfed animal is an unproductive one, so keeping your hay troughs filled is vital for your farm’s success.

Methods to Obtain Hay in Coral Island

Fortunately, hay is one of the most abundant resources on Coral Island. There are three primary methods to gather hay, ensuring that your animals are well-fed year-round, even when winter blankets the island in snow.

Harvesting Hay from Tall Grass

The most straightforward way to collect hay in Coral Island is by using your scythe on the tall grass that dots your farm and the island’s landscape. Swinging your scythe not only yields fiber but also gives you a chance to gather ready-to-use hay for your animals.

While not every grass node drops hay or fiber, you’ll often end up with a generous amount of both after a harvest session. Keep in mind, though, that tall grass won’t grow in winter, so plan your hay collection accordingly.

Dehydrating Fiber into Hay

If you find yourself with an abundance of fiber after clearing tall grass, you can convert it into hay using a dehydrator. This handy machine becomes available once you reach level four diving mastery, and it’s not just for ocean forageables.

For every ten pieces of fiber you place in the dehydrator, you’ll wake up to ten pieces of hay the next morning. This method is a fantastic way to mass-produce hay in Coral Island, ensuring your animals are never without their meals.

Purchasing Hay from Shops

Sometimes, you might need hay in a pinch, or perhaps you’re looking to save time. In these cases, you can head over to Jack’s Ranch Shop to buy hay. While not the cheapest option at 30 coral coins per piece, it’s a quick fix for immediate needs. If Jack’s shop is closed, or you’re away from town, the Sturdy Computer offers 24/7 access to the shop, allowing you to purchase hay anytime, anywhere.

Planting Grass Starters

An economical alternative to buying hay is planting grass starters, which you can purchase from Sam’s General Store. At ten coral coins each, they’re a cost-effective way to grow your own tall grass. Instead of harvesting this grass right away, let your animals graze on it during the warmer months. This natural feeding method keeps them both full and happy, saving your hay reserves for when they really need it.

Upgrading Hay Quality in Coral Island

To maximize the benefits of feeding your animals, consider upgrading the quality of your hay at Ling’s Lab. Feeding your animals osmium-quality hay ensures that you’re getting the best possible animal products in return. It’s an investment that pays off, as higher quality feed leads to higher quality yields from your animals.

How to Store Hay Effectively in Coral Island

Proper storage is key when it comes to managing your hay in Coral Island. Building a silo from Dinda’s Carpentry shop allows you to store up to 300 pieces of hay, which is more than enough to feed a Deluxe Barn full of animals for an entire season.

Silos are especially convenient because they automatically dispense hay into your barn and coop feed boxes. If you prefer, you can also store hay in chests, but this requires manual distribution to your animals’ troughs each day.

Winter can be a challenging time for farmers, but with the right preparation, you can ensure your animals stay well-fed. Set up a dehydrator station before the cold sets in, stock your silos throughout the year, and let your animals graze outside as much as possible before winter.

Additionally, selecting the Animal Feed perk from the Ranching Mastery menu can reduce the amount of hay you use, making your reserves last even longer.


Securing a reliable source of hay in Coral Island is crucial for the health and happiness of your farm animals. Whether you’re scything tall grass, dehydrating fiber, buying from shops, or planting grass starters. There are plenty of ways to ensure your animals are well-fed throughout the year.

By planning ahead and utilizing these methods, you’ll maintain a thriving farm and reap the rewards of high-quality animal products. So roll up your sleeves, and let’s make sure every animal on your farm has a full belly, no matter the season!

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