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Where to Find Moonstone Island Jewelfish

Where to Find Moonstone Island Jewelfish

    Last Updated on January 1, 2024

Step foot into the captivating realm of Moonstone Island. A game where collecting creatures meets farming in a peaceful environment. Among the island’s many mysteries, the Jewelfish shines as a sought-after prize for players. The quest, Summer Temple, in Moonstone Island requires a Jewelfish to advance further.

Let’s dive deeper into uncovering the secrets of this elusive Moonstone Island Jewelfish. We will reveal its location, how to find it, and the techniques needed to successfully hook it.


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Finding the Jewelfish in Moonstone Island

Moonstone Island fishing Jewelfish image

To advance in the quest Summer Temple, you will need to acquire a Jewelfish. Perched atop the temple’s initial altar, it gracefully traverses the nearby waters during the island’s sunny summer season. While patience is key, you will have a higher chance of encountering this fish in the vicinity of the Summer Temple.

You can find the Jewelfish in other areas but it is rare and hard to find. The best chance for you to find a Jewelfish is in the temple during the Summer season. You will surely catch the Jewelfish in Moonstone Island outside the temple during Summer.

Fishing Basics

Embarking on your fishing adventure begins with obtaining a fishing rod from Tobin’s Shop. To locate Tobin’s Shop, walk along the island’s southeast beach and find the hut with a golden fish on top of it. Acquiring this essential tool requires a modest investment of 200 gold.

Once you equip the fishing rod, approach any body of water, cast your line, and wait for the red exclamation point, signaling a bite. Once you do so, you will now enter the fishing mini-game of Moonstone Island.

In the fishing mini-game, the primary goal is to get the fish in the center of the circle. You will need to control the movement of the fish and guide it to the center of the circle to get a perfect catch. If you find the mechanic challenging, just practice and take your time while doing it.

Tips for Catching Jewelfish in Moonstone Island

Mastering the art of capturing the elusive Jewelfish demands patience and strategy. Focusing efforts on fishing near the Summer Temple often yields more favorable results. Proficiency in the fishing mini-game significantly boosts success rates.

Practice precision in guiding the fish toward the capture circle for smoother and more efficient catches. You can experiment with different bait types, varied fishing times, and the island’s changing weather conditions. To figure out the best way to catch any fish you want in the sea, feel free to experiment all you want.


The Jewelfish within Moonstone Island symbolizes both a challenge and a coveted triumph for players. Its integral role in the quests entwined with the Summer Temple heightens its allure among aspiring anglers. Understanding its habitat, honing fishing mechanics, and employing shrewd strategies elevate the thrill of capturing this elusive aquatic marvel.

May your fishing escapades in Moonstone Island bring joy and excitement. May the radiant gleam of the Jewelfish illuminate your gaming experience. In addition, feel free to explore the game and its other features to have the best experience in the game.

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