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Top 10 Chained Echoes Characters: Best Characters in the Game

Top 10 Chained Echoes Characters: Best Characters in the Game

    Last Updated on October 19, 2023

Chained Echoes redefines the JRPG genre with its unique characters and innovative gameplay. This addictive retro-styled game has captured the hearts of many fans of the genre. Since it is a classic turn-based JRPG, you must choose which are the best characters for your party.

In this article, we’ll dive into the top 10 characters in Chained Echoes, each bringing a distinct set of abilities and dynamics to the party. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the genre, these characters are bound to leave a lasting impression as you embark on your epic journey.


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1. Sienna – The Unstoppable Assassin

Sienna reigns as the undisputed assassin, and the number one character, in Chained Echoes. Her powerful attacks and focus on agility make her an unstoppable force in battles. By maxing out her agility and applying her crit buff, she becomes a whirlwind of destruction, moving twice in a turn and decimating enemies in her path.

2. Mikah – A Unique Powerhouse

Mikah is a standout addition to your party. Her raw power places her second only to Sienna, making her a formidable force. What sets her apart is her combo-based turn system, where each move amplifies the next. She can deliver powerful single-target or area-of-effect damage, providing versatility in combat.

3. Victor – The Magic-Support Bard

Victor takes on the role of a magic support bard in Chained Echoes characters. He aids your party with healing, TP recovery, and damage mitigation. Before obtaining a dedicated healer, Victor’s support is invaluable. His ability to bolster your party’s HP and TP needs ensures a smooth progression through the game.

4. Ba’Thraz – The Honorable Mercenary

Ba’Thraz, the honorable mercenary, wields magic with a unique twist. He summons weapons by using non-Summon Weapon attacks, building up to unleash devastating magical attacks on enemies. He is one of those characters in Chained Echoes that can deal a ton of damage. Learning to master his summoning weapon moves will make him a game-changer on the battlefield.

5. Lenne – The Elemental Power Hitter

Lenne is a power hitter with a focus on elemental attacks, and she cracks the top 5 of the best characters in Chained Echoes list. Her extensive repertoire of elemental abilities allows you to exploit enemy weaknesses. Her Ultra Move, a non-elemental spear, deals significant damage, making her an excellent choice for players seeking to inflict massive damage in a single blow.


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6. Glenn – The Protagonist Turned Saboteur

As the game’s protagonist, Glenn starts as a naive young man but evolves into a saboteur. He excels at debuffing enemy stats and becomes sublime when he unlocks the All Break ability, reducing all enemies’ stats. Teaming him up with Lenne allows for effective preparation of the enemy for elemental attacks.

7. Amalia – The Gun-Wielding Princess

Amalia, a gun-wielding princess and revolutionary leader, takes on the role of a damage dealer. While Chained Echoes characters lacks dedicated healers, Amalia’s combat skills are anything but weak. She’s a formidable character who can hold her own in battles and proves that appearances can be deceiving.

8. Tomke – The Unique Blue Mage

Tomke, the game’s blue mage, offers a unique twist on learning moves. He learns abilities by turning enemies into canned goods, unlocking both lost memories and powerful moves. His Spinach Power ability grants physical and magical attack shields for all active party members, making him a valuable asset in your party.

9. Raphael – The Late-Game Tank with TP Regeneration

Raphael joins your party as a late-game tank in Chained Echoes. While the party already boasts a few tanks by the time he arrives, Raphael stands out with his TP regenerative skill. Though he may need to catch up with other characters, his unique abilities make him a worthy addition.

10. Magnolia – The Magical Elementalist

Magnolia is a skilled magical elementalist, adept at both light and dark magic. Her damage-dealing abilities and random buff application make her an interesting character in Chained Echoes. However, the reliance on RNG in her skills places her lower on the list compared to characters with more consistent abilities.

In Chained Echoes, the characters bring not only their abilities but also their unique personalities to the table. Each character has a vital role to play, contributing to the dynamics of the party and enhancing the overall gaming experience. As you embark on your adventure, consider the strengths and characteristics of these top 10 characters to build a formidable party that can take on any challenge.

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