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Moonlighter Best Weapon: Ranked From Worst To Best

Moonlighter Best Weapon: Ranked From Worst To Best

    Last Updated on October 24, 2023

In the mesmerizing world of Moonlighter, where shopkeeping meets dungeon crawling, your choice of weaponry can make all the difference. As you embark on your nightly adventures, the key question arises: which are the Moonlighter best weapons? This guide delves into the rankings of the game’s five weapon categories, from the swift Gloves to the mighty Big Sword.


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5. Gloves: The Speedy Option

When it comes to speed and quick damage, Gloves are your best bet. These nimble weapons in Moonlighter allow for rapid attacks, dishing out damage swiftly. However, their Achilles’ heel is their minimal range, which demands you to get up close and personal with your foes.

Gloves pack a three-hit combo, with a finisher move that deals double damage and knocks back enemies. Notably, the Star Platinum Gloves reign supreme in this category, boasting exceptional damage output. While they are a great option, the limited range leaves you vulnerable to attacks.

4. Sword and Shield: A Balanced Approach

Moonlighter begins your journey with the Sword and Shield weapon. These versatile weapons offer a balanced mix of offense and defense. The sword delivers medium damage, while the shield provides protection. The sword’s unique special attack lets you raise your shield, absorbing damage and allowing you to move while it’s up. For those in search of power, the King Short Sword is the weapon of choice.

The reason why it is the second worst weapon is that it is outclassed by other weapons. Sword and Shield weapons are balanced, but they lack something special.

3. Spear: The Versatile Polearm

Spear enthusiasts find themselves drawn to its medium damage output and unmatched range. Unlike the Sword and Shield, the Spear weapon in Moonlighter lacks the sweeping arc but makes up for it with extended reach. You can attack foes while keeping them at bay to minimize damage.

Its finisher move delivers double damage and added knockback, while the special attack charges forward, making you invulnerable during the attack. Among Spears, the Fighter Spear stands as the most formidable choice.

2. Bow: Precision at a Distance

For those who prefer to keep their distance, the Bow is the weapon of choice. It may not deal the most damage, but it excels in boss battles and ranged encounters. The Bow’s primary attack sends arrows flying, with a bit of pushback.

The special attack releases a homing arrow, allowing for precise, long-range hits. In this category, the Exeter Bow stands out as the go-to option. This is the second-best weapon in Moonlighter thanks to its ranged capabilities.

1. Big Sword: Power Unleashed

When power and crowd control are your goals, the Big Sword is your faithful companion. Its slow swing is compensated by a generous range and sweeping strikes that hit multiple enemies. The special attack unleashes a whirlwind of destruction, dealing double damage and providing invincibility.

The Fusion Big Sword takes the throne as the mightiest weapon in Moonlighter, despite the minor speed penalty. The Big Sword is unmatched when it comes to dealing damage to bosses or waves of monsters alike.

As you venture deeper into the dungeons of Moonlighter, your choice of weapon can define your success. Whether you prefer the rapid strikes of Gloves, the versatile Sword and Shield, the extended reach of the Spear, the precision of the Bow, or the raw power of the Big Sword, the game offers a diverse array of options to cater to your playstyle.

Experiment with different weapons, uncover their strengths and determine which one resonates with your gaming style. Moonlighter’s best weapon for you may not be the same as someone else’s. The ranking provided here serves as a guideline, but the true adventure lies in your own experimentation.

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