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Monster Sanctuary Evolution: Complete Guide

Monster Sanctuary Evolution: Complete Guide

    Last Updated on December 2, 2023

Welcome to Monster Sanctuary, where the journey to become a seasoned monster keeper hinges on understanding the intricate art of Monster Sanctuary Evolution. Within this captivating realm, your creatures don’t just grow stronger; they evolve along diverse paths, offering new strategic possibilities.

The pivotal Tree of Evolution in the Ancient Woods stands as the gateway to unleashing your monsters’ hidden potential.


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Evolution Mechanics in Monster Sanctuary

In Monster Sanctuary, evolution unfolds at the Tree of Evolution nestled in the Ancient Woods. This tree serves as the place of transformation, where monsters embrace new forms by consuming specific catalysts. Unlike traditional evolution, Monster Sanctuary’s system grants sidegrades, adding depth to your strategy while retaining the essence of your beloved creatures.

Monster Sanctuary Evolution Pathways

Grummy 🡆 G’rulu: Starting in the Blue Caves, Grummies shift into G’rulus through Stardust catalysts, transitioning from support to more offensive capabilities.

Magmapillar 🡆 Magmamoth: Encountered in the Mountain Path and Ancient Woods, Magmapillars metamorphose into Magmamoths by consuming Cocoon catalysts, balancing offense with healing prowess.

Minitaur 🡆 Megataur: Champions from the Blue Caves, Minitaurs evolve into Megataurs using Shard of Winter catalysts, enhancing their physical prowess and diversifying their skills.

Ninki 🡆 Ninki Nanka: Emerging from Sun Palace eggs, Ninkis transform into Ninki Nankas with Magical Clay catalysts, shifting from healing to fire abilities.

Crackle Knight 🡆 Sizzle Knight: Unleashing their potential in the Stronghold Dungeon, Crackle Knights evolve into Sizzle Knights using Sun Stone catalysts, mastering fire attacks.

Vaero 🡆 Silvaero: Early birds in the Mountain Path, Vaeros evolve into Silvaeros with Silver Feather catalysts, transitioning from physical attackers to hybrid damage dealers.

Monster Sanctuary Evolution Continuation

Rocky 🡆 Mega Rock: Exclusive to the Mountain Path, Rockys evolve into Mega Rocks by using Giant Seed catalysts, excelling in support and defense.

Glowfly 🡆 Glowdra: Flourishing in Ancient Woods and Magma Chamber, Glowflies evolve into Glowdras through Volcanic Ash catalysts, shifting from support to offense.

Draconov 🡆 Dracogran/Dracozul/Draconoir/Dracomer: Residing in the Magma Chamber, Draconovs evolve diversely using elemental stones, exploring different elemental skills.

Mad Eye 🡆 Mad Lord: Originating from the Stronghold Dungeon, Mad Eyes transform into Mad Lords, boasting increased physical prowess via Demonic Pact catalysts.

Blob/Ice Blob/Lava Blob/Rainbow Blob 🡆 King Blob: Various Blobs evolve into King Blob via Majestic Crown catalysts, exhibiting diverse abilities based on their original form.

Monk 🡆 Ascendant: Aiding the Ascendant in the Blue Caves results in Primordial Branches, facilitating the evolution from Monk to Ascendant.

Fungi 🡆 Fumagus: New in the Forgotten World update, Fungi evolve into Fumagus by consuming Druid Soul catalysts, offering enhanced poison-based strategies.

Catalyst Acquisition and Locations

Finding catalysts vital for evolution occurs throughout Monster Sanctuary’s varied landscapes. Sun Palace, Stronghold Dungeon, Ancient Woods, and Magma Chamber are prime locations offering chests, enemies, and reward boxes containing these catalysts.

Evolutionary Strategies and Meta Insights

Mastering Monster Sanctuary Evolution involves planning and strategy. Consider team composition, elemental strengths, and evolving monsters to suit your team. Unraveling the evolution paths unveils the game’s meta, influencing battle tactics and team synergy.


  • Drops from G’rulus 
  • Drops from Sycophantoms 
  • Level one Reward Box.


  • Chest in Ancient Woods.
  • Level One Reward Box Monster Sanctuary

Shard of Winter

  • Given by Clothes Maker in exchange for a Carrot
  • Level Two Reward Box

Magical Clay

  • Given by Keeper of the Tree of Life
  • Level Two Reward Box Monster Sanctuary

Sun Stone

  • Chest in Sun Palace
  • Level Two Reward Box

Silver Feather

  • Drops from Silvaeros
  • Chest in Horizon Beach
  • Level Three Reward Box

Giant Seed

  • Drops from Mega Rock
  • Level Three Reward Box

Volcanic Ash

  • Drops from Glowdra
  • Chest in Magma Chamber
  • Level Three Reward Box Monster Sanctuary

Fire Stone

  • Drops from Dracograns
  • Level Three Reward Box

Ice Stone

  • Drops from Dracozul
  • Level Three Reward Box

Dark Stone

  • Drops from Draconoir
  • Level Four Reward Box

Deep Stone

  • Drops from Dracomer
  • Level X Reward Box

Demonic Pact

  • Drops from Mad Lord
  • Level Five Reward Box

Majestic Crown

  • Reward after beating King Blob
  • Level Five Reward Box Monster Sanctuary

Primordial Branch

  • Drops from Ascendant
  • Level Five Reward Box

Druid Soul

  • Drops from Fumagi
  • Level X Reward Box


Monster Sanctuary Evolution is a pivotal aspect of your journey as a monster keeper. Each evolutionary path introduces a new flavor to your gameplay, emphasizing the importance of tactical decisions. Dive into this realm and witness your monsters’ transformational journey to greatness.

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