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Monster Sanctuary Best Starter: Choosing Your Spectral Familiar

Monster Sanctuary Best Starter: Choosing Your Spectral Familiar

    Last Updated on October 26, 2023

Monster Sanctuary, the game that has captured the hearts of gamers everywhere, begins with a crucial decision: selecting your Spectral Familiar. With options like the Eagle, Lion, Toad, and Wolf at your disposal, you might wonder which is the best starter monster to embark on your adventure in Monster Sanctuary.

In this guide, we’ll break down the choices and help you make an informed decision in picking the best starter monster in Monster Sanctuary.


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The Starter Monsters

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Before we dive into the specifics, let’s introduce the four starting monsters. Each one comes with its own unique set of attributes, so it’s essential to understand their strengths and weaknesses:

  • Spectral Eagle: A balance of attack, magic, health, and mana, but with lower defense. Notable for its fire and wind elemental abilities.
  • Spectral Lion: The most well-balanced option, boasting strong ratings in attack, magic, defense, health, and mana. It wields a combination of fire and earth elemental powers.
  • Spectral Toad: A tank option with slightly lower attack and magic but on-par defense with the Lion. Where it shines is in health and mana, and it offers useful healing abilities.
  • Spectral Wolf: Another well-balanced choice with access to water-based attacks. This makes it unique, particularly in the early game.

Comparing Spectral Familiars

Now, let’s break down these starting monsters and analyze their suitability for your adventure.

The Spectral Eagle offers versatility, but its lower defense makes it less durable in battles. Its elemental abilities may be replicated by other monsters you encounter early in the game.

The Spectral Lion, on the other hand, is a well-rounded choice. Its five-point ratings in attack, magic, defense, health, and mana make it suitable for beginners. The fire-earth elemental combination unleashes powerful attacks.

If you prefer a tanky playstyle, the Spectral Toad is your choice. While its attack and magic stats are lower, they’re not far behind the Lion. The Toad excels in health and mana, and its healing abilities can prove invaluable.

The Spectral Wolf, like the Eagle, offers balance across all stats. Its water attacks provide an edge in the early stages, making it a good choice for magic-based strategies.


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The Best Starter Monster

For gamers who aim to excel in Monster Sanctuary, the choice often boils down to the Spectral Eagle and Spectral Toad, mainly because of their powerful healing and revival moves.

In Monster Sanctuary, battles in the wild are vital for obtaining new monster eggs. In these battles, you only have a team of three monsters, and dedicated healers usually lack in other areas. Both the Spectral Toad and Spectral Eagle stand out due to their potent attacks and impressive healing abilities. The Toad’s Healing Wave benefits your entire team, while the Eagle’s Phoenix Affinity can resurrect a fallen ally.

The ability to heal plays a pivotal role in gaining rare monster eggs. The game rewards you with more points for your monsters having greater health, making the difference between rare eggs and common items. This is where the Spectral Toad takes the lead, as it can endure numerous attacks, heal teammates, and possess strong multi-hit abilities.

Spectral Toad’s Dominance

The Spectral Toad stands out as the preferred starting monster in Monster Sanctuary. With 28 stat points distributed across the five main attributes, it boasts the most balanced starting stats. Early in the game, it unlocks the potent combination of Tackle and Toxin, dealing heavy damage with a 10% chance of applying poison. Its Poison Glands attack has a 40% chance of poisoning attackers.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Spectral Toad is its versatility beyond Level 10. With the Healing Wave move, it can be both a formidable attacker and a healer, negating the need for a designated healer in your team. This not only speeds up battles but also enhances your chances of obtaining rare rewards.


In the world of Monster Sanctuary, your choice of starter monster is essential to your success. While the game accommodates various playstyles, the Spectral Toad emerges as the best starting monster for gamers seeking a balanced and effective approach.

With its high stat points and versatile abilities, it paves the way for an exciting adventure in this enchanting world. Ultimately, the decision is yours, but if you’re in search of the “Monster Sanctuary Best Starter,” the Spectral Toad takes the crown. Happy monster hunting!

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