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Kayleigh Cassette Beasts: A Complete Romance Guide

Kayleigh Cassette Beasts: A Complete Romance Guide

    Last Updated on October 24, 2023

In the world of Cassette Beasts, romance blooms amidst the pixelated landscapes. While not as complex as some RPGs, the game offers players a chance to pursue romantic relationships with certain characters. One such character is Kayleigh in Cassette Beasts. She is your very first companion and the friendly face who welcomes you to the intriguing island of New Wirral.

In this guide, we will tell you all the things you can do to have a better time in your romance with Kayleigh in Cassette Beasts.


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Pick Kayleigh as your Partner in your Adventures Cassette Beasts

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To kickstart your romantic journey with Kayleigh, you’ll want to ensure she’s a constant presence in your party. Luckily, this is a breeze in the early stages of the game, as she’s the sole companion you’ve encountered.

The best part? Cassette Beasts doesn’t place you under time constraints, allowing you to take Kayleigh on outings at your own pace. Whether it’s for a handful of hours or more, the key is to get Kayleigh to open up about herself at campfires and the Gramophone cafe, where you can rest and recover.

Complete Kayleigh’s Companion Quest Cassette Beasts

As you venture through Cassette Beasts, you’ll soon find yourself on Kayleigh’s personal quest, aptly named ‘I Ran So Far Away.’ To kick things off, explore Autumn Hill or New Wirral Park with Kayleigh, and you’ll encounter some unsavory characters she recognizes.

What follows is a series of conversations that unveil the challenges Kayleigh has faced, shedding light on her life. Eventually, you’ll make your way to Mourningtown in Autumn Hill to continue the quest, and this journey intertwines with the main storyline.

Raise Those Relationship Stars

In your early adventures, you’ll earn the first of five relationship stars with Kayleigh in Cassette Beasts, thanks to her integral role in the game’s opening sequences. But the second through fifth stars are reserved for those who complete ‘I Ran So Far Away.’

The good news is that these stars level up swiftly, signifying your growing connection. However, you won’t receive a new conversation or star each time you rest. To see meaningful progress, explore and battle alongside Kayleigh, and make a habit of healing together. It’s an efficient practice, especially when you’re at the Gramophone cafe.

Once you’ve reached five stars in your relationship with Kayleigh in Cassette Beasts, you’ll have opportunities to affirm your romantic feelings. If you aim to romance Kayleigh, seize these moments by expressing your interest. Your reward for your devotion is a heartfelt date cutscene and ongoing romantic dialogues throughout your adventure.


In the world of Cassette Beasts, romance with Kayleigh adds a delightful layer to your journey. Follow these steps to deepen your connection with her and savor the romantic moments the game has to offer. As you explore the charming pixelated landscapes, remember that your adventures are what you make of them.

Whether you’re romancing Kayleigh or embarking on other quests, Cassette Beasts offers a unique and charming gaming experience. Enjoy your time on the island of New Wirral, and may your journey be filled with excitement and memorable moments.

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