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How to Win in Chained Echoes Rock Paper Scissors

How to Win in Chained Echoes Rock Paper Scissors

    Last Updated on October 26, 2023

In the world of Chained Echoes, a classic JRPG adventure, players have the opportunity to participate in the Festivities, a moment of celebration and games. Among these games, the rock-paper-scissors mini-game in Chained Echoes stands out as a challenging test of wits and strategy.

In this guide, we will reveal a cheat code that guarantees victory in the Chained Echoes rock-paper-scissors mini-game.


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How to Win the Rock-Paper-Scissors Mini-Game?

Chained Echoes Rock Paper Scissors Image

Meet Champ, the seasoned rock-paper-scissors expert in Chained Echoes. Champ follows a fixed pattern, beginning with rock, then using scissors, and ending with paper. To outwit him, follow this simple sequence: start with paper, follow up with rock, and finish with paper. This sequence will ensure your victory over Champ and earn you 45 chips, which can be converted into rare prizes.

How to Solve the Riddle?

Upon entering the Festivities area in Chained Echoes, keen-eyed players can spot three townsfolk offering cryptic hints to crack the code and beat Champ in rock paper scissors. Here are the clues:

  1. Statistically, rock is the best starter sign. But Champ knows that. This hints at the advantage of starting with rock, but Champ is one step ahead.
  2. Champ never uses the same sign twice in a row. This means that Champ will not repeat the same sign consecutively in the rock paper scissors minigame.
  3. He never uses paper after rock. If he starts with rock, paper is ruled out for the second move.
  4. He uses each sign at least once per duel. This ensures variety in his choices.

Given these clues, your strategy becomes clear: begin with paper, as Champ expects a rock response. Then, switch to rock in the second round, as Champ won’t use paper, and for the final move, select scissors, as Champ must use all three signs in a duel. This clever strategy guarantees success in Chained Echoes rock paper scissors minigame.

How to Win the Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

The rock-paper-scissors mini-game is part of the Festivities during Ser Victor’s prologue. As players progress through the City Watch quest, they will encounter Victor, who joins the townsfolk in their celebration and gambling.

It’s important to note that chips, the currency used in the mini-game, differ from character skill points and aren’t necessary for character progression. The game is entirely optional, designed for players seeking a fun and rewarding diversion in Chained Echoes.

In the world of Chained Echoes, mastering the rock-paper-scissors mini-game can be a rewarding experience. By understanding Champ’s pattern and using the clues provided by the townsfolk, players can walk away with 45 chips and rare prizes in their pockets. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy a side quest in this charming JRPG.

So, as you embark on your Chained Echoes journey, don’t forget to test your skills against Champ. With this guide in hand, you’re well-equipped to conquer the rock-paper-scissors mini-game and claim your victory in the Festivities.

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