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How to Improve Town Rank in Coral Island

How to Improve Town Rank in Coral Island

    Last Updated on March 15, 2024

In the enchanting world of Coral Island, your role extends far beyond tending to crops and livestock. Here, you’re an important piece in revitalizing a community. The Town Rank in Coral Island is a reflection of your efforts to breathe life back into a town affected by environmental woes and economic downturns.

As you embark on this noble quest, you’ll find that improving the Town Rank is important to the island’s prosperity and your success as a local hero.


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Understanding Town Rank in Coral Island

Town Rank in Coral Island is the heartbeat of the island’s recovery. Starting at a dismal ‘F’, it’s your mission to elevate this score, steering the town away from the clutches of an encroaching oil company.

Your actions and decisions will either pave the way for a brighter future or allow corporate interests to overshadow the island’s charm. Keep an eye on the Town Rank tab in your menu to monitor your progress and impact.

Categories of Town Rank in Coral Island

The journey to a better Town Rank in Coral Island has multiple categories, including museum, ocean, and heritage categories. Each category has its symbol and log of activities, allowing you to track your contributions with ease. Your combined efforts across these three pillars will determine the overall Town Rank, setting the stage for a thriving community.

Improving Museum Rank

To boost the museum category of Town Rank in Coral Island, focus on enriching its collection with a variety of exhibits. Artifacts are key, and you can unearth them by mining or cleaning up the beaches and ocean. When you stumble upon chests in your cleanup efforts, take them to the blacksmith to unlock potential treasures. Enhancing your diving mastery through skill points will also increase your chances of finding artifacts, contributing significantly to the museum’s rank.

Improving Ocean Rank

The ocean rank is crucial to the Town Rank in Coral Island, and it’s directly tied to your interaction with the sea. Dive into the depths to remove trash and uncover solar orbs, which are essential for healing coral sites.

While cleaning the ocean improves its aesthetic, activating these orbs is what truly elevates your ocean rank. Remember, the trash you collect isn’t waste. It’s a resource that you can repurpose on your farm and in crafting, so nothing goes to waste.

Improving Heritage Rank

Your involvement in the island’s heritage is measured by your participation in festivals and community engagement. Unlike other farming games, the festivals in Coral Island play a significant role in improving your Town Rank.

They’re designed to be immersive, rewarding your attendance with merit points—a special currency that boosts your heritage rank. You can spend these points in the town hall on unique items, adding another layer of incentive to your community involvement.

Rewards for Improving Town Rank

As you diligently work to improve the Town Rank in Coral Island, you will receive plenty of rewards. Progression in the game, from adopting pets to unlocking new seed varieties and farm animals, is related to your Town Rank.

Missing out on early festivals can hinder your ability to participate in future events. So it’s crucial to prioritize these community activities. With each rank improvement, you’ll unlock new aspects of the game. This will surely enhance your experience and expand your capabilities on the island.


Elevating the Town Rank in Coral Island is more than a mere side quest. It’s a central element of your island adventure. By contributing to the museum, ocean, and heritage categories. You’re not just improving a score; you’re shaping the future of Coral Island and its inhabitants.

Engage with the community, dive into the ocean’s depths, and curate a museum that tells the story of the island’s rich history. Your efforts will be rewarded with a flourishing town and a fulfilling life on this enchanting island.

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