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How To Beat Chained Echoes Assassin Girl: A Complete Guide

How To Beat Chained Echoes Assassin Girl: A Complete Guide

    Last Updated on October 18, 2023

Are you ready to take on the formidable challenge of the Chained Echoes Assassin Girl boss fight? In this guide, we’ll break down the strategy, equipment, and skills you need to conquer this late-game super boss and progress in Chained Echoes.


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Understanding Chained Echoes Assassin Girl

Chained Echoes Assassin Girl Image

Chained Echoes Assassin Girl Stats:
HP: 20000 Atk: 300 Mag: 150 Def: 90 Mnd: 90 Agi: 38 Crt: 0

The Chained Echoes Assassin Girl is a late-game optional super boss found in Perpetua. As one of the six protectors of elemental tablets, she guards the path to the God King’s temple. The Chained Echoes Assassin Girl has the ability to instakill party members. She is extremely fast and can kill multiple party members before your full turn.

To defeat her, you’ll need agility, power, and a bit of luck. She’s agile, but here’s the key: she’s weak to water-type attacks.

The Best Strategy for Victory vs Chained Echoes Assassin Girl

  1. Start with Turn-Extension: Assassin Girl can incapacitate two squad members with her physical attack. To counter this, kick off the battle with Double Steps and Quicksteps, extending agility and delaying her turn.
  2. Abuse Silver Lining: Since Assassin Girl can insta-kill your party members, abuse Silver Lining. Silver Lining lets your members survive instant KOs so feel free to bring Bal’Thaz and Amalia into the party.
  3. Debuff the Assassin Girl: Weaken her using Robb’s Leg Shot combined with Glenn’s All Break. This early-battle move is essential because her attacks pack a punch and can instantly eliminate squad members.
  4. Buff the Squad’s Offense: Utilize Strength Dance followed by Drunken Master to enhance your squad’s offense and agility. The goal here is to create a fast formation with high damage output. Any buffs that increase AGI and ATK will prove valuable.
  5. Finish Her with High-DPS Combos: In the last phase, take advantage of Robb’s Soul Parasite and Lenne’s Water Coat. The former weakens the Assassin Girl against all elements, and the latter amplifies normal attacks’ Water damage. It’s the perfect combo to secure victory.

Ideal Formation, Skill Set, and Equipment

Select equipment that boosts AGI, like Triplet, Masamune, and Pinaka, increasing agility by a significant 70%. The best formation for the Assassin Girl includes Sienna, Mikah, Robb, and Glenn, though Victor and Amalia can be great supporting alternatives.

For physical attacks, use Sienna’s Dragonfang. Optimal buffs include Strength Dance, Quickstep, and Drunken Master. When it comes to debuffs, Robb’s Soul Parasite and Leg Shot, in combination with Sienna’s Blade Reflection and Glenn’s Armor Break, are your best bets. Don’t forget to equip the “AGI Up” passive skill on Sienna for an extra agility boost.

Rewards and Post-Boss Fight Progress

Beating the Chained Echoes Assassin Girl is optional, but it’s worth it. You’ll receive the Light Tablet, advancing your God King side quest. Additionally, you’ll gain SP for skills and a Grimoire Shard to learn new abilities. These rewards can significantly impact your in-game journey.

In a game filled with epic battles, the Assassin Girl serves as a pinnacle challenge. By following this guide, you can stand a better chance of emerging victorious. Go ahead, take on the optional super boss, and continue your journey in Chained Echoes!

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