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Fruit Trees Coral Island: Complete Guide

Fruit Trees Coral Island: Complete Guide

    Last Updated on March 14, 2024

Welcome to the lush world of Coral Island, where the art of farming extends beyond the soil to the very branches of fruit-bearing trees. As you settle into island life, you’ll find that cultivating fruit trees in Coral Island is not only a delightful way to diversify your farm but also a strategic move to ensure a steady income.

Whether you’re a fan of the classic apple or the exotic durian, there’s a tree for every taste. Let’s dig into the essentials of growing fruit trees and how they can flourish under your care.


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Understanding the Types of Fruit Trees in Coral Island

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Fruit trees in Coral Island come in two distinct varieties: Fruit Trees and Fruit Plants. While both may appear similar at first glance, they have unique characteristics that set them apart. Fruit Trees are known as saplings and are a long-term investment that will grace your farm with produce for seasons to come. On the other hand, Fruit Plants, or seedlings, offer a quicker turnaround but require more attention. Recognizing these differences is crucial as you plan your orchard and ensure a bountiful harvest.

Purchasing Fruit Trees and Plants in Coral Island

To start your orchard, you’ll need to purchase saplings or seedlings from Sam’s General Store, which become available once you reach Town Rank C for Fruit Trees and Town Rank E for Fruit Plants. Each type of tree has its own cost and season in which it thrives.

For instance, an Orange Sapling will set you back 4,000 Coral Coins and is best planted in spring. Keep an eye out for special opportunities, like winning an Apple Sapling at the Harvest Festival, to expand your collection.

Planting Fruit Trees

Planting fruit trees in Coral Island is a straightforward process with a few key considerations. Each tree requires a 3×3 square of unoccupied space to grow, and they don’t need to be watered. While they can be planted at any time, they will only bear fruit during their designated season.

For example, if you plant an Orange Sapling in winter, it will mature by spring and produce fruit throughout the season. Remember, fruit trees yield three fruits every four days, making them a lucrative crop choice.

Planting Fruit Plants

In contrast to the more hands-off fruit trees, fruit plants in Coral Island demand your daily attention. Start by tilling a 2×2 square of land to plant your seedling. Once in the ground, you must water all four tiles under the fruit plant every day to ensure it reaches maturity, which takes about ten days. If you miss a day of watering, it adds another day to the growth period, so consistency is key.

Unlike fruit trees, fruit plants have a limited lifespan and will wither after their two designated seasons, so plan your planting schedule accordingly.

How to Turn Fruits into Artisan Goods

Once you’ve harvested fruits from your trees and plants, a world of possibilities opens up. Most fruits can be processed in either a preserving jar or keg to create jams and wines, while others, like almonds and olives, are perfect for the oil press and mill. Here’s a quick guide to which fruits work with each artisan machine:

  • Almonds: Oil Press, Mill
  • Apples: Mason Jar, Keg
  • Avocados: Mason Jar, Keg
  • Bananas: Mason Jar, Keg
  • Durians: Mason Jar, Keg
  • Jackfruits: Mason Jar, Keg
  • Lemons: Mason Jar, Keg
  • Lychees: Mason Jar, Keg
  • Mangos: Mason Jar, Keg
  • Olives: Oil Press
  • Oranges: Mason Jar, Keg
  • Papayas: Mason Jar, Keg
  • Peaches: Mason Jar, Keg
  • Pears: Mason Jar, Keg
  • Plums: Mason Jar, Keg
  • Rambutans: Mason Jar, Keg
  • Snakefruits: Mason Jar, Keg

Artisan products like wine and jam fetch a higher price than raw fruits, so consider this when deciding how to use your harvest.


Cultivating fruit trees in Coral Island is an enriching experience that rewards your patience and care with a cornucopia of sweet delights. Whether you’re tending to the sturdy branches of fruit trees or the delicate boughs of fruit plants, your efforts will result in a vibrant orchard that not only beautifies your farm but also fills your pockets.

Remember to plan, plant, and process your fruits wisely, and you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor in every season. Happy farming, and may your orchard flourish on Coral Island!

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