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Dave the Diver Coral Orb: Location and How to Get It

Dave the Diver Coral Orb: Location and How to Get It

    Last Updated on January 6, 2024

In the captivating marine adventure of “Dave the Diver,” upgrading your gear is essential for success. A key component for these enhancements is the elusive Dave the Diver Coral Orb.

This rare item bolsters your ability to efficiently take down fish, but it’s not easily found through regular looting or mission rewards. This guide will plot a course to securing this coveted upgrade component.


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The Quest for the Coral Orb Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Coral Orb Image

Embarking on the journey to find the Dave the Diver Coral Orb means diving deep into the game’s progress. Unlike the myriad treasures you’ll collect from the ocean floor, the Coral Orb is a unique item. It requires you to venture beyond standard exploration and into the realm of specialized vendors.

Unlocking Sea People Village 

The journey to the Coral Orb starts with unlocking Sea People Village. To get there, you need to dive into the main game and complete the “Reopening the Workshop” quest. Once you’ve got that squared away, Duwa’s Workshop is where you’ll find your prize.

Navigating Duwa’s Workshop 

Once you reach Sea People Village, make your way to the right side of the map, near the Arcade, where Duwa’s Workshop awaits. Here, Duwa will trade the Coral Orb for Bei, the currency of the Sea People. Ensure you’re well-stocked with Bei to make your purchase.

If your Bei reserves are running low, don’t fret. The Board is full of requests from villagers that reward you with this currency.

Many of these requests involve finding objects around the Blue Hole. Some of which may already be in your inventory from previous dives. Complete these tasks, and you’ll have the Bei needed for the Dave the Diver Coral Orb in no time.

Upgrading Your Gear Dave the Diver Coral Orb

With the Coral Orb in hand, it’s time to boost your equipment. Return to the surface and use the phone to access Duff’s Weapon Shop, where your tools of the trade can be enhanced. Remember, Duwa’s Workshop isn’t just for Coral Orbs. You can also sell unneeded items for extra Bei or browse other materials for further upgrades.


The Coral Orb in “Dave the Diver” is your ticket to top-notch gear, making every dive a better adventure. Follow this guide to grab that orb and enhance your diving experience. Dive deep, upgrade smart, and enjoy the ocean’s wonders with the best gear in the game.

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