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Dave the Diver Best Staff: Assembling Your Dream Team

Dave the Diver Best Staff: Assembling Your Dream Team

    Last Updated on January 6, 2024

Thriving in the enchanting undersea world of “Dave the Diver” requires more than an adventurous spirit. The game demands savvy management of Bancho Sushi. With a roster full of potential employees, each with unique skills it is hard to pick the best staff in Dave the Diver.

Here’s a guide to the Dave the Diver Best Staff, the cream of the culinary crop that will keep your restaurant successful while you explore the ocean’s depths.


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Key Considerations in Staff Selection Dave the Diver

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You need to focus on so many things in Dave the Diver since you manage the restaurant and have diving adventures. To maximize your ocean adventures, you need a team that’s as passionate about Bancho Sushi as you are about the deep blue.

This means finding the Dave the Diver Best Staff, those who can handle the heat of the kitchen and the demands of diners. Staff rankings, from Gold to Diamond, indicate the level of skill each employee brings to the table, impacting productivity and profit.

The Best Staff Members Dave the Diver

8. James – The Culinary Enforcer. 

James’ intimidating aura belies a reliable and skillful cook with a talent for preparing a feast. As one of the Dave the Diver Best Staff, his proficiency peaks when paired with other top-tier cooks like Maki or Yone. His Ingredient Prep Master skill ensures that dishes are ready swiftly, boosting kitchen output.

7. Davina – The Ingredient Whisperer. 

Davina’s prowess in procurement is unmatched, especially when she reaches her full potential. Her Dispatch Master skill transforms her into a supply-chain maestro, consistently stocking the kitchen with fresh ingredients. Combine her talents with Masayoshi’s, and restocking worries become a thing of the past.

6. Drae – Jack-of-All-Trades. 

Drae’s versatility makes him an asset in any role, but he truly shines as a manager. His balanced skills and special abilities like Cleaning and Cocktail Serving round off any team. Elevate him to high levels quickly, and watch Drae orchestrate restaurant operations like a symphony.

5. Raptor – The Charming Server. 

Raptor’s service skills are exceptional, and his unique abilities, Cocktail Serving and Wasabi Refill, are one of the best. These make him one of the best staff members in Dave the Diver. Available before El Niño, he sets the stage for a dynamic serving duo that ensures guests are always satisfied.

4. Itsuki – The Ninja Manager. 

With Itsuki on your team, who needs a dinosaur? Her superb service and appeal ratings make her a prime candidate for a branch manager position. Her Drink-Serving skill and high charm will keep customers flocking to your establishment.

3. El Niño – The Luchador Server. 

El Niño may look like he belongs in the ring. However, his service skills are top-of-the-line. His Cleaning Master and Drink Serving Master skills ensure that every guest leaves happy. He is the ultimate server and one of the best staff members in Dave the Diver.

2. Yone – The Culinary Virtuoso 

Yone’s cooking skills are one of the best in the business, making her a valuable addition to any kitchen. Her high level, once unlocked, combined with Ingredient-Prep Expert and Cooking++ skills, cements her position as a leading culinary force.

1. Maki – The Sushi Sensation 

Maki may be your first hire, but she’s far from a starter employee. As she levels up, her Cooking+ and Cooking++ skills come to the fore, making food preparation a breeze. She’s a testament to the adage that first impressions last, proving to be one of the Dave the Diver Best Staff.


Choosing the Dave the Diver Best Staff requires a mix of strategy and intuition. Whether it’s enhancing customer service, or ensuring a steady flow of ingredients, the right employees make all the difference. Invest in these top-notch characters, and your time as a diver will be as rewarding as the bustling business you leave behind at Bancho Sushi.

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