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Chained Echoes Ultimate Weapons Guide: Locations and Crafting

Chained Echoes Ultimate Weapons Guide: Locations and Crafting

    Last Updated on January 2, 2024

Welcome, fellow gamers, to the world of Chained Echoes! If you’re seeking the pinnacle of armaments – the revered Chained Echoes Ultimate Weapons – you’ve landed in the right place. Let’s dive straight into uncovering these coveted weapons that can revolutionize your gameplay experience.


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Unlocking the Ultimate Blacksmith to Create Ultimate Weapons

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In the late stages of your Chained Echoes journey, you should reach the ruined city of Nhysa. This is the moment when you can begin finding ultimate weapons. As you approach the game’s end, keep an eye out for a crucial clue within a room housing two conversing ghosts.

On the desk, you will find a book and it tells you of an island in the western side of the world. Once done, get on your airship to get to that island. Once you’re on the island, go to the house and talk to the blacksmith. He tells you he can make you ultimate weapons as long as you have the Rusty Weapons and Souls of Farnese.

Rusty Weapons Locations Chained Echoes

The path to acquiring the Chained Echoes Ultimate Weapons starts with locating Rusty Weapons. Rusty Weapons are the base forms of the legendary Ultimate Weapons. Here’s a breakdown of where to find these Rusty Weapons:

  • Rusty Sword: A hard-earned reward for completing the demanding sidequest “Into the Maelstrom.”
  • Rusty Greatsword: Obtainable from a merchant in the eastern enclave of Ograne Grottos.
  • Rusty Spear: An alluring reward from the Heroes of Leonar Challenge tied to the Rune Knight Class Emblem.
  • Rusty Bow: A post-game quest, “No Place for Happy Endings,” grants this weapon upon completion.
  • Rusty Rapier: Hidden within Rohlan Fields’ mansion. You can find the key in the northwestern region, near the Temple of Purple Flame.
  • Rusty Katana: After the “Two-Winged Angel” quest, Norgant offers this weapon at a surprisingly affordable price.
  • Rusty Amulet: Another spoils-of-war from the Heroes of Leonar Challenge, specifically related to the Pyromancer Class Emblem.
  • Rusty Gun: Found in Fiorwoods during Act 4’s Finale, where perseverance leads to rewards.
  • Rusty Anchor: Uncovered near Fridolyn’s beachside escapade in the “A Little Vacation” sidequest.
  • Rusty Gunspear: Lying in Shambala’s northeast area, tucked away in a chest atop one of three isles.
  • Rusty Knuckles: Achieving a chain of 96 or higher on the Rewards Board unlocks this as a reward.
  • Rusty Cards: Defeating all Unique Monsters on the Rewards Board will lead to this weapon. Tormund will give it to you with the blessing of the Guild Leader.

Souls of Farnese Locations Chained Echoes

The journey for Ultimate Weapons isn’t solely about Rusty Weapons. These powerful armaments demand the enigmatic Souls of Farnese. You can find them scattered all across the realm.

Here is the full location of all the Souls of Farnese in Chained Echoes:

  1. You can get this by completing a 112 chain on your Rewards Board.
  2. Arkant Archipelago. Once you gain access to flight, check the northwestern area (near the cannon) to find your golden chest.
  3. Arkant Archipelago. Once you gain access to the Phioran Village, you should buy the Diving Bell from the merchant in Ograne Grotto). Afterward, on the southeastern corner of the second level is some blue coral on the wall. Go through the wall to find a chest, then go right through the wall from this chest and you’ll reach your golden chest.
  4. Perpetua. Once you can fly head to the southern area and check the right side to find a gray X on the ground. Check the middle to find the hidden item.
  5. Perpetua. You can get this as a reward for completing the marsh maze in the southwestern corner of the region.
  6. Hermit’s Isle. At the end of the game, once the clan reaches Rank 3, you should check in with Bernd in the west of the dining room. Afterward, he’ll complete digging, and you can get the golden chest.

Souls of Farnese Locations: Part 2

Here is the continuation of the location of the Souls of Farnese to create Ultimate Weapons in Chained Echoes:

  1. Hermit’s Isle. At the end of the game, once the clan reaches Rank 3, you should talk to Triony at the little pier where he’s fishing with Pavel and he’ll fish out a golden chest for you.
  2. Eastern Ograne Grottos. This one is in Rohlan Fields but you need to go through Eastern Ograne Grottos. To get there go north from the eastern crystal and jump down at the end into the cave. Once down here go right to a fork. Go south while sticking to the right wall. Afterward, you’ll find a wall you can climb that leads to this item.
  3. Eastern Ograne Grottos. You find this inside the sewers section of Eastern Ograne Grottos. Click the link for all the info on how to deal with the puzzle.
  4. The reward for completing the sidequest “A Little Vacation”.
  5. In Ryrmeier Castle in Kortara. This is part of the sidequest No Place for Happy Endings so make sure to go do that!
  6. Buy from Norgant after the sidequest Two-Winged Angel for 9999a.


Challenges and discoveries fill the world of Chained Echoes. Unlocking the Ultimate Weapons is a testament to your dedication and exploration. Keep exploring, completing quests, and finishing challenges for you to gather all the ultimate weapons in Chained Echoes.

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