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Chained Echoes Class Emblems Guide: Locations and Best Class Emblem for Each Character

Chained Echoes Class Emblems Guide: Locations and Best Class Emblem for Each Character

    Last Updated on October 29, 2023

Chained Echoes Class Emblems are the key to unlocking the true potential of your characters in this indie RPG that pays homage to classic JRPGs. These emblems provide an instant stat boost and access to class-specific skills, making them a crucial element of your party’s arsenal.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the importance of these Class Emblems, reveal their locations, and offer recommendations for the best classes to assign to your characters.


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The Significance of Chained Echoes Class Emblems

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Chained Echoes Class Emblems serve as the cornerstone of character progression in this enchanting RPG adventure. These emblems not only provide a much-needed stat boost but also grant access to unique abilities specific to each class.

As you invest points and upgrades, you can permanently master a class, unlocking its skills for your character to wield. This leads to a critical choice early in the game – which character receives which Class Emblem?

Finding Class Emblems

When you embark on your quest in Chained Echoes, you’ll encounter various Class Emblems scattered throughout the game world. Some are obtained by following the main storyline, others require exploration, and a few are rewards for completing challenges. To aid you in your search for these invaluable emblems, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on Class Emblem locations.

Best Chained Echoes Class Emblem for Each Character

The early stages of Chained Echoes place a significant emphasis on Class Emblems as they are the key to bolstering your party’s abilities. Here are our recommendations for the best Class Emblems for specific characters:

  • Glenn: Begin with the Warrior Class Emblem, then transition to the Mage Warrior Class Emblem for a well-rounded character.
  • Robb: Equip the Monk Class Emblem, followed by the Chemist Class Emblem for versatile support.
  • Victor: The Cleric Class Emblem is the perfect fit for a healing specialist.
  • Ba’Thraz: Transform Ba’Thraz into a formidable Shaman.
  • Sienna: Start with the Bandit Class Emblem and later embrace the luck with the Gambler Class Emblem.
  • Lenne: Begin as a Vampire and unleash fiery devastation with the Pyromancer Class Emblem.
  • Amalia: Opt for the Vampire Class Emblem, enabling her to thrive as a life-stealing warrior.
  • Mikah: Take a gamble with the Gambler Class Emblem for some risky but rewarding moves.
  • Tomke: A Monk Class Emblem at the outset, followed by the versatile Summoner Class Emblem, adds a unique twist to Tomke’s skills.
  • Egyl: Equip Egyl with the Warrior Class Emblem for offensive prowess.
  • Raphael: Develop Raphael’s might with the Rune Knight Class Emblem.
  • Magnolia: Unleash the power of fire and earth by utilizing the Summoner Class Emblem.

Early characters benefit most from mastering their Class Emblems quickly, while later characters have robust stats, allowing for more flexibility in emblem choices. Class Emblems that enhance attack, defense, mind, or agility can benefit various characters, ensuring your party’s strength and adaptability.


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Chained Echoes Class Emblems Locations

For a successful adventure in Chained Echoes, knowing where to find these Class Emblems is of paramount importance. Here’s a rundown of their locations:

  1. Cleric: Discover this emblem during the main story as you traverse the Narslene Sewers.
  2. Warrior: Head south of Basil to find this emblem in the forest. Descend a cliff, follow the river, and locate it just after a fast travel point.
  3. Vampire: Navigate through hidden bushes in the scientist’s camp in Fiorwoods to claim this life-stealing emblem.
  4. Shaman: Journey to Perpetua, run north from the barrier, and cross the wooden bridge. Take the mushroom path to the west halfway along.
  5. Monk: Ascend to the top floor of Kindreld Monastery to discover this emblem.
  6. Bandit: Explore the hidden Crab Village north of Rockbottom in the Kortara Mountain Range. Look for a hidden passage near some trees.
  7. Summoner: Once you can fly, venture to the Arkant Archipelago to obtain this emblem, granting you the power to wield fire and earth.
  8. Mage Warrior: In the western part of Ograne Grottos, you’ll stumble upon this emblem.
  9. Chemist: Travel to the southwestern island in the Flying Continent Shambala to uncover this emblem’s location.
  10. Pyromancer: As a reward from Leonar Temple, the Pyromancer Class Emblem awaits you.
  11. Rune Knight: Another reward from Leonar Temple, the Rune Knight Class Emblem promises might and glory.
  12. Gambler: For those seeking luck in their battles, this emblem is the third reward from Leonar Temple.

Versatile Class Emblems

Certain Class Emblems in Chained Echoes provide massive boosts that prove invaluable to the entire party. Attributes such as attack, defense, mind, or agility are vital for several characters. The beauty of the game is that you have the flexibility to assign these Class Emblems to multiple characters, tailoring your choices to your unique playstyle.

In the world of Chained Echoes, Class Emblems are your ticket to unlocking the true potential of your party. With careful consideration, you can optimize your characters and create a diverse party that can handle any challenge. Experiment with different Class Emblems, and uncover the true depth of this captivating RPG adventure.

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