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Cassette Beasts Romance: A Complete Guide

Cassette Beasts Romance: A Complete Guide

    Last Updated on October 16, 2023

If you’ve delved into the whimsical world of Cassette Beasts, you might be wondering whether the game has a romance aspect. Moreover, you should know that building strong relationships with your in-game partners isn’t just a side quest. Building your relationships with your partners is a vital aspect of mastering this unique adventure.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the intricacies of building relationships with your fellow Cassette Beasts companions and explore the fascinating romance mechanics that the game offers. Get ready to embark on a journey of partnership, friendship, and, for some lucky players, even romance!


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Building Relationships in Cassette Beasts Romance

Cassette Beasts romance wouldn’t be half as exciting without your trusty in-game partners. These dynamic duos are more than just friends; they bring substantial benefits to your battles. Partnering with a character not only provides you with a secondary beast in every battle but also unlocks the ability to Fuse your beasts into a more formidable force.

To get closer to your comrades and unlock the exciting Cassette Beasts romance feature, you must engage with the character through dialogues that occur during rest periods. However, it’s not as simple as having a few cups of coffee and hoping for a heartwarming cut scene. You’ll need to keep the character in your party and fight alongside them to truly build these relationships.

The game presents you with a series of character-specific quests that must be completed to unlock the ability to Fuse with them. Each character has their own set of quests, with Kayleigh being a notable exception. She’s a special case, as you can Fuse with her early in the game, but deepening your relationship with her requires completing her personal quest, “I Ran So Far Away.”

The Bonuses of Strong Relationships

As you invest time and effort into your Cassette Beasts romance, you’ll notice a heart meter that tracks your progress. With each meaningful encounter, one of the hearts will fill up, symbolizing your growing connection. This growing relationship comes with tangible benefits in battle, thanks to a system of heart-based bonuses.

  • One heart: You can use Fusion.
  • Two hearts: You gain the ability to use Fusion Power, providing a 10% boost to your strength when Fused.
  • Three hearts: Your strength increases by 15% when Fused.
  • Four hearts: Experience a 20% boost in strength when Fused.
  • Five hearts: Your strength skyrockets by an impressive 25% when Fused.

These bonuses significantly enhance your combat prowess, making strong relationships more than just a feel-good feature. They’re a strategic advantage in your journey through New Wirral. So make sure to utilize Cassette Beasts romance whenever you can.

Cassette Beasts Romancing Characters

As you continue to build your relationship with a character and reach the coveted five-heart mark, the game rewards your dedication with a romantic cut scene. Here, you can choose to take your connection to a more casual romantic level, adding an extra layer of depth to your partnership.

This option is available for every character in your party, except for Barkley. As much as we all love our canine companions, you cannot romance the dog.

If you’re looking for a deeper, more profound romantic connection, keep traveling with your chosen character, and another romantic cut scene will eventually appear, marked in pink. However, you can only take this step with one character, as the others will kindly decline your advances.

The narrative and end of the game will be influenced by your choice of a romantic partner. This adds an extra layer of personalization to your Cassette Beasts romance experience.


In Cassette Beasts, the bonds you form with your in-game partners are more than just a side note. They’re an integral part of the experience, offering gameplay advantages and, for some, the chance to explore meaningful romantic connections. So, as you dive into the world of Cassette Beasts romance, remember that strong relationships can lead to more than just in-game benefits; they can open the door to romance and unforgettable adventures.

With this guide, you’re well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of Cassette Beasts’ relationship and romance mechanics. Enjoy your journey through New Wirral, and may your bonds be as strong as your beasts!

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