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Cassette Beasts Planting The Seed: Complete Walkthrough

Cassette Beasts Planting The Seed: Complete Walkthrough

    Last Updated on October 23, 2023

In the vibrant world of Cassette Beasts, adventurers encounter various side quests that add depth and charm to the gaming experience. One such side quest in Cassette Beasts, “Planting the Seed,” involves beautifying the scenic town of West Harbourtown. This guide will help you embark on this rewarding journey and earn some valuable rewards along the way.


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Prerequisites for Cassette Beasts Planting The Seed

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Before diving into the quest, you need to gain access to West Harbourtown. The quickest route is to learn Diveal Swim, a skill you acquire by Recording a Diveal found on Diveal Island, nestled in the northwest of Thirstaton Lake. To get to West Harbourtown, head north through New Wirral Park, west along Lakeside, and check the water near the border between Lakeside and Cherry Meadow.

Initiating Cassette Beasts Planting The Seed

Upon reaching West Harbourtown in Cassette Beasts, locate the west-most building on the main street. Inside, you’ll meet an Anxious Ranger with a mission to beautify the town. She’ll provide you with a Gardening Kit, setting you on a quest to plant flowers in various locations throughout Harbourtown.


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Planting Flowers in Harbourtown

Cassette Beasts You will find planters in the following locations:

  1. Two in the room with the Anxious Ranger.
  2. Two in the entrance hall of the building where the Ranger resides.
  3. Two between the three outdoor vendor stalls.
  4. Two outside Town Hall and two more inside.
  5. On the upper tier of the eastern half of Harbourtown, you’ll find a bakery with two planters out front.
  6. Also, on the upper tier of Harbourtown’s eastern half, two homes above the market stalls have planters outside both of them.

You have the creative freedom to choose any flower combinations you like, and you can change the flowers at any time by inspecting the planters again. Once you’re done, you can now claim your rewards for Planting the Seed in Cassette Beasts.

Completing the Quest

Once you’ve filled all fourteen planters with your choice of flowers, return to the Anxious Ranger to claim your rewards. For your efforts, you’ll receive a New Leaf Sticker, Fused Material, Faux Fur Tape, and a variety of materials that can be essential for your Cassette Beasts adventures.

In the world of Cassette Beasts, side quests like “Planting the Seed” not only offer valuable rewards but also add a layer of charm and immersion to the gameplay. The game’s stunning landscapes come to life as you embark on quests that promote exploration and creativity.

So, fellow adventurers, gear up, grab your Gardening Kit, and set out to make West Harbourtown bloom in vibrant colors. Happy planting, and may your cassette beasts thrive in this lush, picturesque world.

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