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Cassette Beasts Land of Confusion Walkthrough

Cassette Beasts Land of Confusion Walkthrough

    Last Updated on February 1, 2024

“Cassette Beasts Land of Confusion” is a pivotal quest in the world of Cassette Beasts, challenging players to face the formidable Archangels of New Wirral. This quest spans the entirety of the game, requiring a strategic approach and a robust team of transformations to succeed. This walkthrough will guide you through the quest, helping you navigate the battles and uncover the secrets of New Wirral.


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Overview of Cassette Beasts Land of Confusion

Cassette Beasts Land of Confusion

In “Cassette Beasts Land of Confusion,” players embark on a journey to confront a series of powerful Archangels. Each victory provides clues to the location of a hidden train station. Although, it’s possible to discover it without defeating every Archangel. For those seeking a complete experience, facing each Archangel is essential. Culminating in an optional boss battle that tests the limits of your abilities.

Starting the Cassette Beasts Land of Confusion Quest

The quest begins shortly after the game’s introductory sequence, setting you on a path to challenge the Archangels. These celestial beings are no ordinary foes; they require careful preparation and a team capable of withstanding their might. As you progress, you’ll need to strengthen your team and develop a diverse set of transformations to tackle the challenges ahead.

The Archangels of Cassette Beasts Land of Confusion

The Archangels you’ll encounter in “Cassette Beasts Land of Confusion” vary in strength. They will start from level 11 critters to legendary monsters at level 50. Each Archangel presents a unique challenge, and while having them on your team doesn’t add new qualities, the thrill of the battle and the satisfaction of victory are rewarding in their own right.

Key Locations in Cassette Beasts Land of Confusion

Throughout the quest, you’ll visit several key locations, each housing an Archangel to defeat:

  • Glowcester Road Station: Home to Archangel Poppetox, this station requires solving a rock-placement puzzle to access the battle platform.
  • Mourningtown: In this settlement on Autumn Hill, you’ll face Archangel Mourningstar as part of Kayleigh’s personal quest.
  • Falldown Mall: This challenging area in Eastham Woods is where you’ll encounter Archangel Nowhere Monarch. Meredith’s personal quest, “All I Ever Needed,” will lead you here.
  • Waterloop Station: Situated in Thirstaton Lake. This station requires you to follow a trail of buttons and solve puzzles to reach Archangel Heckahedron.
  • Cherry Cross Station: Found in Cherry Meadow, you’ll need to solve a growing/shrinking puzzle to battle Archangel Alice.
  • Aldgrave Tomb Station: Located in Lost Hearts Graveyard. Unlocking this station involves turning statues and checking graves to fight Archangel Lamento Mori.
  • Bard Street Station: Within ‘Titania’ Shipwreck, Viola’s quest, “Everybody’s Looking For Something,” will guide you to Archangel Robin Goodfellow.
  • Icelington Station: At the peak of Mt. Wirral, after navigating the mountain caves, you’ll face Archangel Babelith.

Strategies for Defeating Archangels

Each Archangel in “Cassette Beasts Land of Confusion” requires a tailored strategy. Consider the elemental strengths and weaknesses of your transformations, and don’t hesitate to use items to gain an advantage. Healing and support skills are crucial, as these battles can be lengthy and demanding.

The Optional Boss and Conclusion of Cassette Beasts Land of Confusion

After collecting enough clues and discovering the entrance to the final train station atop Falldown Mall. You’ll face the ultimate challenge of “Cassette Beasts Land of Confusion.” The two-part dungeon culminates in a battle against the final boss, whose identity remains a secret for players to uncover.

Once you’ve defeated all other Archangels, rumors of “Eerie Singing” will lead you back to Harbourtown Station for a rematch with a familiar foe – Archangel Morgante. This battle is significantly more challenging than your first encounter. With Morgante employing a variety of powerful attacks and even a revival skill.

To emerge victorious, you’ll need to manage your team’s AP, use status ailments to your advantage, and protect against Morgante’s devastating Coda Morgana attack.


Completing “Cassette Beasts Land of Confusion” is a journey that spans the entirety of the game. It is filled with strategic battles and exploration. With this walkthrough, you’re equipped to tackle each Archangel and uncover the mysteries of New Wirral.

Remember to prepare thoroughly, adapt your strategies, and enjoy the thrill of each victory as you progress through this central quest of Cassette Beasts.

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