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Cassette Beasts Best Monsters for Early and Late Game

Cassette Beasts Best Monsters for Early and Late Game

    Last Updated on October 21, 2023

In the vibrant world of Cassette Beasts, mastering the art of monster-catching is the key to your success. Just like in the games that inspired it, building a team of powerful allies is essential. From the early stages of your adventure to the thrilling late-game battles, choosing the right monsters can make all the difference.

Let’s dive into the best monsters for every stage, ensuring your journey through Cassette Beasts is nothing short of legendary.


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Early-Game Powerhouses

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The beginning of your Cassette Beasts journey is a crucial time, and having the right monsters can set you on the path to success. Here are five early-game powerhouses to consider for your team:


This beast kicks off the list of the early game best monsters in Cassette Beasts. Dandylion, with its unique Glitter-type, may require a special code to acquire initially. However, you can basically find it pretty early on in the overworld of Cassette Beasts.

Dandylion’s ability to inflict the Leech debuff is a game-changer, showcasing the potency of Leaf tapes. When it remasters into Blossomaw, you’ll witness its true potential.


If you lean towards ranged attacks, Velocirifle is your go-to Fire-type monster. This early-game friend delivers hard-hitting ranged attacks and inflicts the Burn debuff, making it a reliable choice. When it evolves into Artillerex, its firepower and durability truly shine.


Carniviper shatters the stereotype of underwhelming early snake-like monsters in Cassette Beasts. Its evolution path offers a unique twist, with the potential to become either Jormungold or Mardiusa. Known for its incredible speed, Carniviper excels as a frontline attacker, easily inflicting the Poison debuff and granting access to the Multitarget buff.


Kittelly, Meredith’s ‘Signature Tape,’ is lightning-fast and brings the power of Lightning-type moves. Once Kittelly evolves into Cat-5, you’ll experience the destructive force of the Conductive debuff, making it an excellent choice for any player.


Squirey, an early-game favorite, boasts an impressive Melee Attack stat. Whether you choose Manispear or Palangolin as its evolution, you’ll have a formidable and versatile cassette at your disposal. Squirey is an early-game beast that can carry your team thanks to its offensive capabilities.


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Late-Game Titans

As you progress through Cassette Beasts, the challenges intensify, and late-game monsters become paramount. Here are five late-game monsters that will ensure your victory in the final battles and post-game content:


Artillerex, a robust Fire-type, offers a wide range of move coverage and status-inflicting abilities. This beast boasts strong melee attack and ranged attack moves that will cover basically everything you might need. With attacks like Meteor Barrage and the incredible Headshot, this monster is a late-game powerhouse in Cassette Beasts.

Shining Kuneko

Kuneko, obtained through Felix’s companion quest, evolves into Shining Kuneko, an Astral-type with well-balanced stats. Its versatility and elemental mastery make it an excellent choice for the late game. Kuneko shines as a jack-of-all-trades type of monster and is a worthy addition to your party in Cassette Beasts.


The journey from Carniviper to Aeroboros is worth every step. To get Aeroboros, you have to equip Masquerattle with a Zephyr sticker at the time of transformation. Once you have Aeroboros, you will surely be happy with its capabilities.

This Air-type cassette beast boasts impressive HP, Ranged Attack, Ranged Defense, and speed. As one of the best monsters in Cassette Beasts, it has more going for it than stats. It comes along with an array of hastening passives and elemental coverage.


Cat-5, Meredith’s remastered starter, is a must-have for its Lightning-type abilities. Its flexible moveset, including Charge and Battery, ensures it can handle various encounters. In addition, it has great sticker compatibility.

Cat-5 can learn so many moves and most of it will work wonders for one of the best monsters in Cassette Beasts. To get Cat-5, you just have to recruit Meredith into the fold and complete her main quest.


You can encounter Khepri in both the Mount Wirral Caves and the Power Station. However, Khepri has one of the most slim encounter rates in the game so you have to be patient. Once you get your hands on it, you now have one of the best monsters in Cassette Beasts.

Khepri is extremely rare thanks to its powerful capabilities. It has a whopping 300 Ranged Attack stat that will surely obliterate your enemies. Even a simple ranged attack is sure to deal some serious damage thanks to this stat.

With these late-game monsters in your roster, you’ll be well-prepared to conquer even the most challenging battles and post-game content in Cassette Beasts.


Cassette Beasts is all about the thrill of building the perfect team. Whether you’re starting your adventure or gearing up for late-game challenges, the monsters you choose are pivotal. Stick to these best monsters for every stage, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a Cassette Beasts champion.

In this world of pocket-sized monsters, your journey is just beginning. Stay tuned for more tips, guides, and insights to master the art of Cassette Beasts. Until then, happy monster-catching!

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