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Cassette Beasts Archangels: All Locations

Cassette Beasts Archangels: All Locations

    Last Updated on November 13, 2023

If you’re diving into the vibrant world of Cassette Beasts, you’re bound to come across a formidable group of creatures known as Cassette Beasts Archangels. These unique beings serve as the game’s boss fights and offer intriguing challenges and rewards.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the world of Cassette Beasts, introducing you to each Archangel, their locations, and their combat styles. Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking an extra challenge or a newcomer to the game, exploring these Archangels is an adventure you won’t want to miss.


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Morgante: The First Encounter

Cassette Beasts Archangels Image

The journey into the realm of Cassette Beasts begins with the encounter of Morgante, the initial Archangel you’ll face. You’ll find her in a wounded state at Harbourtown Station during the “This Is The World We Live In” questline. Morgante appears as a black-and-white creature with the likeness of a floating woman in a dress.

This first battle is relatively straightforward due to her weakened state, but don’t let your guard down, as she becomes more challenging in subsequent encounters. Morgante returns as Morgante Gestalt, an alternate form summoned when you and your teammates merge into one. It’s a thrilling start to your journey in Cassette Beasts Archangels.

Mourningstar: A Unique Abomination

Cassette Beasts Archangels Image

Next in line is Mourningstar, an Archangel unlike any other, featuring a composition of body parts. That includes a golden skull, a man’s torso, bird wings, ram horns, a black and white snake, and yellow spike legs. To face Mourningstar, you’ll need to explore beneath Mourningtown during the “I Ran So Far Away” questline, with Kayleigh by your side.

Mourningstar feeds on the devotion of others and primarily relies on ranged attacks during battle. The encounter with this peculiar Archangel promises an unforgettable experience in Cassette Beasts Archangels.

Poppetox: The Puppet Master

Cassette Beasts Archangels Image

Cassette Beasts wouldn’t be complete without a touch of the eerie, and Poppetox delivers just that. This Archangel resembles a Claymation skeleton. Sporting a black top hat, black shorts, and shoes, a design meant to mirror puppetry.

In combat, Poppetox summons minions called Effigies to act as fodder and absorb damage during the fight. You can find Poppetox by making your way to Platform B at the Glowcester Road Station. The battle against Poppetox is a test of strategy and timing, and it’s a unique addition to the world of Cassette Beasts Archangels.

Nowhere Monarch: Ruler of Nothing

Cassette Beasts Archangels Image

Stepping into the surreal world of Cassette Beasts, you’ll meet the self-proclaimed “ruler of nothing,” Nowhere Monarch. Rendered in a graphic novel art style, this Archangel sports black and white striped arms, black nails, a red torso, and a crown atop its head. You’ll encounter Nowhere Monarch during Meredith’s “All I Ever Needed” questline at the Falldown Mall.

Be ready for a challenge, as Nowhere Monarch will continually spawn Nowhere Peasants, which cannot be defeated. This intriguing Archangel adds a unique flavor to Cassette Beasts Archangels with its artistic design and gameplay mechanics.

Shining Kuneko: The Glowing Anime Cat-Girl

Cassette Beasts Archangels Image

Cassette Beasts Archangels offer a diverse array of appearances, and Shining Kuneko stands out as an Astral-type species taking on the form of a glowing anime cat-girl. To summon Shining Kuneko, you’ll need to complete Felix’s personal quest, “Don’t You Want Me,” which involves battling Kuneko at her four altars located at Cherry Meadow, Autumn Hill, Thirstaton Lake, and Eastham Woods.

After completing these challenges, Shining Kuneko reveals herself and challenges you to a thrilling battle. It’s an encounter that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on your Cassette Beasts journey.

Alice: The Wonderland-Inspired Archangel

One of the most captivating Cassette Beasts Archangels, Alice, draws inspiration from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” This powerful Archangel takes on the form of a twisted card illustration and rules over the Cherry Cross Station, frequently hosting tea parties for all her “guests.”

During your battle with Alice, she’ll continually grow and shrink, altering her stats with “Eat Me” and “Drink Me.” This unique mechanic makes her a glass cannon boss, capable of dealing massive damage while being quite vulnerable herself. Your encounter with Alice is a whimsical journey through the pages of a classic tale.

Robin Goodfellow: The Shakespearean Trickster

Robin Goodfellow adds a touch of Shakespearean mischief to Cassette Beasts Archangels. Named after a character from “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Robin takes on the appearance of a goblin-like horse creature. To face Robin, navigate to the Bard Street Station during Viola’s “Everybody’s Looking For Something” questline.

True to his trickster nature, Robin’s tactical approach relies heavily on status effects. Particularly Sleep, through the use of “Fairy Dust” and “Night Mare.” A battle with Robin Goodfellow is a journey into the realms of literature and gameplay strategy.

Mammon: The Embodiment of Capitalism

In the realm of Cassette Beasts Archangels, Mammon takes on a unique role. Mammon is the head of the Landkeepers agency, aiming to purchase all the land in New Wirral. His form reflects the ever-changing nature of capitalism, featuring a colorful collage face that’s in constant rearrangement.

Rather than hiding out in the stations of New Wirral. Mammon comfortably resides at Landkeeper HQ during Eugene’s “Acting On Your Best Behaviour” quest.

Like Robin, Mammon leverages status effect moves, along with buffs and debuffs, often sacrificing his own health to damage your party. The encounter with Mammon is a thought-provoking journey into the world of economics and gameplay tactics.

Babelith: The Incarnation of Ignorance

Cassette Beasts Archangels take inspiration from various themes, and Babelith represents the embodiment of ignorance. Depicted as a crude drawing of a tower, Babelith delights in telling bad jokes that come across as incoherent ramblings. You can find Babelith in Icelington Station at the top of Mt. Wirral.

This incoherence carries over to combat, with Babelith leveraging its signature move, “Bad Joke,” nearly every turn. Other notable moves include “False Illumination,” which spreads confusion to its target, and “True Illumination,” a hard-hitting single-target attack. Babelith’s unique design and combat style make for a memorable encounter in Cassette Beasts Archangels.


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Lamento Mori: A Representation of Fear

Meant to represent the human fear of death, Lamento Mori is an Archangel that sets up shop within the Aldgrave Tomb Station. Taking on the appearance of a towering skeleton with wings, Lamento Mori takes sadistic pleasure from trapping victims in its endless maze.

Despite its dark backstory, Lamento Mori is one of the weaker Archangels in the game, with a moveset consisting of mostly death-related attacks such as “Bone Cannon” and “Ritual.” This choice in design aligns with the development history of Cassette Beasts and the challenges faced during its creation.

Heckahedron: The Archangel of Mathematics

In Cassette Beasts, what could be more terrifying than death? The answer: mathematics, according to Heckahedron, the Archangel incarnation of mathematics. You’ll find this enigmatic Archangel within the Waterloop Station after solving the Thirstaton Lake puzzle. Heckahedron’s appearance is a flying, ever-shifting cube, and his body maintains a fixed appearance regardless of the viewing angle.

During battle, Heckahedron relies on moves like “Brick Blast,” “Damage Roll,” and “Frustum Cull” to deal heavy damage. The encounter with Heckahedron is a dive into the abstract world of mathematics within Cassette Beasts Archangels.

Aleph: The Main Antagonist

Aleph is the main antagonist of Cassette Beasts’ story and the final boss of the game. It is a powerful Archangel in the form of a man in a coat with a floating mirror for a head. You can find and battle Aleph at the Night’s Bridge Station, during which he’ll use “Prismatic” to change his type before following up with “Death By 1,000 Cuts.”

Once defeated, Aleph will return as Aleph Null, the combined form of Aleph and his Archangel allies. Your encounter with Aleph is the culmination of your journey through Cassette Beasts and a test of your gaming skills.

Helia: The Nuclear Fusion Archangel

For those looking for post-game challenges, Helia is a compelling addition to the world of Cassette Beasts Archangels. She can be encountered after defeating Aleph Null and accepting the “Here Comes The Sun” quest. Billed as the incarnation of both nuclear and monster fusion. Helia appears as a mix of a throne, an atom, and the Sun itself.

This unique fusion is reflected in Helia’s movepool, consisting of elemental attacks like “Galactic Beatdown,” “Incinerate,” “Meteor Barrage,” and “Shooting Star.” Her ace in the hole is “Fusion Power,” a typeless move with an impressive 200 base power. Helia adds an exciting post-game challenge to Cassette Beasts Archangels.

Lenna: The Secret Boss

Lenna, the final Archangel and secret boss of Cassette Beasts, adds a nostalgic touch to the game. You can challenge Lenna directly in the overworld at Brokenhead after completing the main story.

Lenna boasts two special moves: “Power of Truth,” which deals heavy damage across your entire party, and “Whistle for Help,” which has a chance of summoning a temporary ally. Successfully defeating Lenna earns you the “Hero of Another Story” achievement. It is a fitting end to your journey in Cassette Beasts Archangels.

In the world of Cassette Beasts, the Archangels stand as formidable foes, each with their unique appearances, lore, and combat styles. These encounters aren’t just battles. They are journeys into the realms of literature, mathematics, and creativity, offering an immersive experience for players of all backgrounds. Unveiling the secrets of Cassette Beasts Archangels is a thrilling adventure you won’t want to miss in this captivating game.

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