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Boltam Cassette Beasts: Importance and Where to Find

Boltam Cassette Beasts: Importance and Where to Find

    Last Updated on October 21, 2023

Cassette Beasts is a thrilling world filled with creatures waiting to be captured and tamed. Among these fantastical beings, one Cassette Beast stands out, Boltam. Boltam is a lightning-type Cassette Beast

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Boltam, exploring its importance in the game and where to find this electrifying creature.


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The World of Cassette Beasts

Cassette Beasts takes players on a journey through a vibrant and diverse world teeming with creatures to discover and befriend. Each Cassette Beast has its own unique charm and abilities, making the hunt for these creatures an integral part of the game.

Just like any monster collecting game, each beast has significance to the game. May it be as a member of your party, or a necessity for the game to advance. However, Cassette Beasts Boltam is good as a party member and is important for you to advance in the game.

Boltam Location and Importance in Cassette Beasts

Boltam Cassette Beasts Image

Boltam, with its striking electric-blue appearance and a disposition as electrifying as its name, has become a fan favorite. This Cassette Beast is known for its potent electrical abilities, which can be a game-changer in battles. Its distinctive features set it apart from the crowd, making it a top choice for many players.

In addition to its capabilities in battles, Boltam is important in your adventure in the overworld. If you need to interact with magnetic objects in the overworld, you need to catch a Boltam. Once you record a Boltam in Cassette Beasts, you will unlock the electromagnetism ability. Once you unlock this ability thanks to Boltam, you can now move magnetic objects in the world of Cassette Beasts.

If you’re eager to add Boltam to your team, you’re in luck. Boltam is commonly found in Eastham Woods in Cassette Beasts. When searching for Boltam, keep an eye out for a yellow beast with a glass helmet for its head. It is a lightning-type beast so make sure to prepare in advance when capturing it.

Boltam: Stats and Evolutions

Boltam In-Game Bio: The metal heads of the Boltams are extremely conductive, and they passively absorb electric currents from the atmosphere. Boltams are able to channel this energy into a magnetic field, which they can use to travel across land and air with ease.

Stats: Max HP: 90 M.Atk: 90 M.Def: 90 R.Atk: 90 R.Def: 90 Speed: 90 Max AP: 5/10 Move Slots: 4 to 6/8


InitialSmackTypelessMelee Attack30100%0 AP
InitialBroadcastAirStatus Effect100%2 AP
One StarChargeLightningMelee Attack60100%2 AP
Two StarsBatteryLightningMelee Attack40100%3 AP
Three StarsThunder BlastLightningRanged Attack60100%3 AP
Four StarsCopper ChopMetalMelee Attack60100%3 AP
Five StarsBolt From The BlueLightningMiscellaneous50%4 AP


Pinbolt: Pinbolt is a lightning-type Cassette Beast that you can remaster from Boltam. You can get Pinbolt when choosing Incredible Speed during the evolution prompt for Boltam.

Plasmantler: Plasmantler is a lightning-type Cassette Beast that you can remaster from Boltam. You can get Plasmantler when you choose Thundering Force during the evolution prompt for Boltam.

In the world of Cassette Beasts, Boltam is more than just a flashy appearance. Its electric abilities and strategic importance make it a must-have for many players. If you’re on the hunt for Boltam, remember to seek out electrically charged areas for a higher chance of success. With Boltam by your side, you’ll electrify the competition in the exciting world of Cassette Beasts.

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