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Best Summer Crops in Coral Island

Best Summer Crops in Coral Island

    Last Updated on March 15, 2024

Summer on Coral Island is not just about the sun-soaked beaches, it’s a season ripe with opportunity for any farmer. As you gear up for the warmer months, choosing the best summer crops can significantly impact your earnings in Coral Island.

Whether you’re saving up for winter or aiming to impress at the Harvest Festival, the crops you plant now can lead to a prosperous season. Let’s dive into the best summer crops in Coral Island that will help your farm flourish and your wallet swell.


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Best Summer Crops for Profit Across Town Ranks in Coral Island

The variety of crops you can plant during summer expands as you progress through the town ranks. Each rank unlocks new seeds, offering you a wider selection to boost your farm’s profitability. Here’s a comprehensive look at the best summer crops for profit, tailored to your current town rank:

Town Rank F:

  • Blueberries: Cost – 50, Profit – 155, Harvests – 5
  • Corn: Cost – 25, Profit – 95, Harvests – 5
  • Gardenia: Cost – 20, Profit – 125, Harvests – 5
  • Hot Pepper: Cost – 40, Profit – 248, Harvests – 8
  • Sunflower: Cost – 20, Profit – 150, Harvests – 3
  • Wheat: Cost – 15, Profit – 90, Harvests – 5

For newcomers to farming or those at Town Rank F, hot peppers and blueberries are your golden ticket. They offer multiple harvests and require planting only once, making them ideal for a hands-off approach to farming.

Town Rank E:

  • Bell Pepper: Cost – 70, Profit – 212, Harvests – 6
  • Melon: Cost – 130, Profit – 206, Harvests – 2
  • Okra: Cost – 60, Profit – 176, Harvests – 4
  • Starfruit: Cost – 60, Profit – 96, Harvests – 2
  • Tomato: Cost – 25, Profit – 145, Harvests – 5

Reaching Town Rank E opens up new possibilities. Bell peppers take the lead with a robust profit margin, followed closely by melons. These crops can significantly increase your summer earnings when planted strategically.

Town Rank D:

  • Blackberry: Cost – 40, Profit – 165, Harvests – 5
  • Coffee: Cost – 70, Profit – 155, Harvests – 9
  • Iris: Cost – 30, Profit – 144, Harvests – 2
  • Lily: Cost – 60, Profit – 267, Harvests – 3
  • Pineapple: Cost – 110, Profit – 273, Harvests – 3
  • Red Cabbage: Cost – 45, Profit – 183, Harvests – 3
  • Rose: Cost – 20, Profit – 124, Harvests – 4

With Town Rank D, pineapples and lilies become the stars of your summer crop lineup, offering substantial profits that can help fund future farm expansions and investments. These crops, especially when combined with the right farming mastery perks and quality-improving fertilizers, can significantly boost your earnings.

The Best Reproducing Summer Crops in Coral Island

For those who prefer a set-it-and-forget-it farming style, reproducing crops are a dream come true. These crops need to be planted only once and continue to produce throughout the season, saving you time and effort. Here are the best-reproducing summer crops for continuous harvest and profit:

  • Hot Pepper: Total Profit Per Plant – 248, Harvests – 8
  • Bell Pepper: Total Profit Per Plant – 212, Harvests – 6

Hot peppers are the ultimate choice for maximizing your profits with minimal effort. They offer the highest total profit per plant and the greatest number of harvests. Bell peppers also provide a steady income stream, making them another excellent option for your summer fields.


Summer in Coral Island is a season filled with potential, and with the right crop choices, it can be incredibly lucrative. From the spicy kick of hot peppers to the exotic allure of pineapples, the best summer crops in Coral Island are those that align with your town rank, farming strategy, and financial goals. By planting these crops, you’re not just cultivating plants; you’re cultivating success.

So grab your hoe and watering can, and transform your summer fields into a vibrant tapestry of profitable produce. Happy farming, and may your summer harvest be as bountiful as the island’s beauty!

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