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Best Fall Crops in Coral Island

Best Fall Crops in Coral Island

    Last Updated on March 15, 2024

As autumn leaves begin to blanket the landscape of Coral Island, it’s time for you to consider which seeds to sow for a bountiful fall harvest. Fall is not just a beautiful season; it’s a crucial season for improving your farm’s productivity and securing your financial future through the winter. Selecting the best fall crops in Coral Island is key to your success, whether you’re aiming for high profits or looking to triumph in the Harvest Festival challenge.


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Best Fall Crops to Make Money in Coral Island

When the fall season arrives, it’s time to think strategically about crop selection. Here are some of the best fall crops in Coral Island to plant if you’re looking to make a substantial profit:

  • Cactus: At a cost of 600 coral coins per season and earnings of 800 coral coins. The cactus stands out as a high-profit crop, netting you a profit of 200 coral coins.
  • Blue Dahlia: With a seed cost of 350 coral coins and earnings of 560 coral coins. The blue dahlia offers a profit of 210 coral coins, making it a beautiful and profitable addition to your farm.
  • Eggplant: Eggplants are a great choice with a seed cost of 35 coral coins and earnings of 252 coral coins, yielding a profit of 217 coral coins.
  • Garlic: Although it requires a bit more investment with a seed cost of 90 coral coins. Garlic can earn you 330 coral coins, resulting in a profit of 240 coral coins.
  • Taro Root: Taro root, with a seed cost of 35 coral coins and earnings of 288 coral coins, brings in a profit of 253 coral coins.
  • Pumpkin: Pumpkins might take longer to grow, but with a seed cost of 90 coral coins and earnings of 348 coral coins, they offer a profit of 258 coral coins.

By focusing on these crops, you can ensure a steady stream of income throughout the fall. Remember, these profits can vary depending on factors such as mastery tree perks and the use of items like Flash to reduce growing times.

Fall Crops Needed for the Lake Temple in Coral Island

Coral Island’s Lake Temple requires specific crops for offerings, which can also contribute to your farm’s earnings. Here are the crops you’ll need for the temple and the profits they can generate:

  • Orchid: This crop can be sold for 130 coral coins. While Orchids require no specific quality for the temple, it maintains its value as an offering.
  • Pumpkin: A versatile crop, pumpkins sell for 116 coral coins and are also needed for temple offerings, regardless of quality.
  • Rice: Bronze quality rice sells for 53 coral coins, slightly more than its basic counterpart. Making it a valuable crop for both the market and the temple.
  • Garlic: When grown to osmium quality, garlic can fetch a price of 220 coral coins. Doubling its worth and making it a significant offering for the temple.
  • Cactus: The most lucrative of the temple offerings, osmium quality cactus can be sold for a whopping 800 coral coins. Making it a highly sought-after crop.

Balancing your crop selection to cater to both the market and the Lake Temple can lead to a prosperous fall season. By dedicating a portion of your farm to these specific crops. You can support the community’s spiritual needs while also padding your wallet.


As the leaves turn and the air grows crisp on Coral Island, your farm’s fall harvest becomes a pivotal moment for financial planning and community contribution. By planting the best fall crops for profit. You ensure a steady flow of coral coins to sustain you through the winter. Additionally, by growing crops for the Lake Temple offerings, you invest in the cultural heart of the island. Strengthening the bond between your farm and the community.

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