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Tips for Completing Major Orders in Helldivers 2

Tips for Completing Major Orders in Helldivers 2

    Last Updated on March 23, 2024

In the universe of Helldivers 2, Major Orders are not just missions; they are a call to arms for the entire community to band together and protect humanity. These orders are pivotal to the ongoing war effort, requiring every active Helldiver to contribute to the collective goal.

Whether it’s a Liberation Campaign or a Defense Campaign, understanding and participating in Major Orders in Helldivers 2 is crucial for the survival of Super Earth and the advancement of the game’s narrative.


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Understanding Major Orders in Helldivers 2

Major Orders in Helldivers 2 are community-wide objectives that demand the cooperation of every player to achieve a common goal. Unlike Personal Orders, which can be completed individually, Major Orders are designed to be tackled by the Helldivers community as a whole.

When a new Major Order appears, it’s your duty to contribute to the objective, which often involves liberating planets or defending them from enemy forces.

How to Complete Major Orders in Helldivers 2

Contributing to Major Orders typically involves completing Operations until a planet’s Liberation counter reaches 100% or maintaining a planet’s defenses until the end of a Defense Campaign. The key is to engage in enough Operations to meet the order’s requirements. Whether that means eradicating enemy forces or ensuring the safety of civilian populations.

Types of Major Orders in Helldivers 2

In Helldivers 2, you’ll encounter various Major Orders that shape your missions and the overarching story. Liberation Campaigns task you with spreading democracy by liberating planets. However, Defense Campaigns focus on repelling invasions to protect established territories.

Event or story-related orders often accompany significant plot developments, requiring you to complete Operations that drive the narrative forward. Each type of order contributes to the persistent war effort, with Defense and Liberation Campaigns indicated by distinct icons on the galactic map.

Campaigns and Operations

Defense and Liberation Campaigns are integral to Major Orders in Helldivers 2, each presenting unique challenges and mission types. During Liberation Campaigns, you’ll be on the offensive, destroying key enemy installations and eradicating hostile forces.

In contrast, Defense Campaigns typically involve protecting civilians and fending off enemy attacks. Both campaign types may include specialized missions like Sabotage and ICBM launches, demanding versatility and strategic planning from all Helldivers.


Major Orders in Helldivers 2 are more than just missions. They are a testament to the game’s community-driven warfare and narrative progression. By understanding the different types of orders and actively participating in campaigns. You play a vital role in the fate of Super Earth and the Helldivers’ cause.

Rally your fellow Helldivers, strategize for each operation, and dive into the fray, knowing that your actions have a direct impact on the ongoing galactic war.

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