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How to Defeat Stalkers in Helldivers 2

How to Defeat Stalkers in Helldivers 2

    Last Updated on April 8, 2024

In the adrenaline-fueled world of Helldivers 2, Stalkers present a formidable challenge with their stealth and speed. These elusive enemies can catch you off guard, turning the tide of battle in an instant. As you embark on Terminid missions, understanding how to effectively combat Stalkers in Helldivers 2 is crucial for your survival and mission success.


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Identifying Stalkers in Helldivers 2

Stalkers in Helldivers 2 are cunning adversaries known for their ability to cloak and launch surprise attacks. Recognizing the signs of their presence is vital:

  • Cloaking Ability: Stalkers can render themselves nearly invisible, making it difficult to spot them before they strike.
  • Vigilance: Stay alert for any visual or audio cues that may indicate a Stalker is nearby, ready to pounce when you least expect it.

Being aware of your surroundings and anticipating a Stalker’s attack can give you the upper hand in these encounters.

Effective Strategies for Engaging Stalkers

When you face Stalkers in Helldivers 2, swift action is key:

  • Headshots: Aim for their heads to take them down quickly.
  • Wing Shots: Target their wings to impair their mobility and prevent them from closing in on you.

By focusing your fire on these critical areas, you can neutralize the threat of Stalkers before they have a chance to do significant damage.

Weapon Choices Against Stalkers in Helldivers 2

Choosing the right weapons is essential when combating Stalkers:

  • Primary Weapons: The AR-23 rifles are particularly effective against Stalkers, dealing significant damage.
  • Weapon Selection: Equip weapons that offer a balance of firepower and precision to counter the agility of Stalkers.

With the right arsenal, you can dispatch Stalkers efficiently, keeping them at bay and maintaining control of the battlefield.

Tactical Movement and Positioning

Your movement and positioning are crucial when engaging Stalkers in Helldivers 2:

  • Maintain Distance: Keep Stalkers at a distance to avoid their close-range attacks.
  • Side Stalkers: Prioritize taking out Stalkers on the flanks to prevent being surrounded and overwhelmed.

Strategic positioning allows you to manage the battlefield and eliminate Stalkers methodically.

Utilizing Equipment and Stratagems

To reveal and protect against Stalkers in Helldivers 2, you’ll need to make use of your equipment and Stratagems:

  • Smoke Grenades: Use smoke grenades to pinpoint the location of cloaked Stalkers.
  • Rover Support Stratagem: Deploy this Stratagem to guard against Stalkers attempting to sneak up on you.

Equipping the right gear can turn the tables on Stalkers, giving you the advantage in these stealthy confrontations.

Destroying Stalker Nests in Helldivers 2

Eliminating the source of Stalkers is a key objective in Helldivers 2:

  • Stalker Nests: Locate and destroy Stalker nests to prevent more from spawning and ambushing your squad.
  • Nest Destruction: Act quickly to dismantle nests, reducing the number of Stalkers you’ll face.

By cutting off the reinforcements, you can focus on clearing out the remaining Stalkers and securing the area.


Dealing with Stalkers in Helldivers 2 requires a blend of awareness, firepower, and tactical acumen. By following these strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to handle these stealthy foes and emerge victorious from your encounters.

Remember, in Helldivers 2, every enemy has a weakness, and with the right approach, even the most daunting Stalkers can be overcome. Stay vigilant, keep your weapons ready, and show those Stalkers that you’re not an easy target.

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