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Helldivers 2 Will Get A Cape Celebrating the Review Bomb Controversy

Helldivers 2 Will Get A Cape Celebrating the Review Bomb Controversy

    Last Updated on June 20, 2024

Amidst the chaos of online uprising, Helldivers 2 is turning a once grim narrative into a celebrated saga with the introduction of the Helldivers 2 Review Bomb Cape. Arrowhead Studios, not one to shy away from its community’s voice, has taken an unusual step in game development: honoring a contentious chapter in the game’s history with a tangible in-game memento.

The Origin of the Helldivers 2 Review Bomb Cape

The story behind the Helldivers 2 Review Bomb Cape began unfolding when Sony’s decision to enforce a PlayStation Network (PSN) account for Helldivers 2 gameplay sparked a storm of negative reviews. The community suggested commemorating this incident through an in-game cape.

This caught the attention of Arrowhead’s CCO, Pilestedt, who gave fans a glimpse of what was to come. A cape with red lines symbolizing the onslaught of unfavorable feedback.

What once could have been dismissed as rumors has been confirmed: the Helldivers 2 Review Bomb Cape is real and ready for action. Pilestedt’s revelation in response keeps the anticipation high, as the Helldivers team looks for just the right moment to roll out this unique cosmetic token.

Sony’s PSN Move and Community Backlash

Sony’s unexpected PSN account requirement for Helldivers 2 hit the community like a bolt from the blue. Long-standing fans found themselves between a rock and a hard place. Create a new PSN account or be barred from the game they already owned. The backlash was swift and fierce. It ended in a review bomb that skyrocketed Helldivers 2 to the top of Steam’s most poorly-rated games. A title it held until Sony relented and canceled the controversial update.

Current Status for Helldivers 2 Players

As it stands now, if you snagged Helldivers 2 before the infamous May 6 threshold, you’re set—you can play without a PSN account. For those eyeing to join the ranks but living in a non-PSN territory, hang tight. Arrowhead is on a mission to get Helldivers 2 back on Steam’s shelves in all regions. Democracy may be delayed, but it’s not denied.


The Helldivers 2 Review Bomb Cape will soon be more than just a cheeky nod to an angered fan base. It’s a reminder that when gamers unite, their voices resonate far beyond forums and chat rooms. It’s a powerful message that gaming companies. Big and small, must play by the rules of fair play or face the might of the community. Keep your eyes peeled for this emblem of unity’s debut and wear it with pride, Helldivers.

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