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Why You Should Use Smoke of Deceit

Why You Should Use Smoke of Deceit

    Last Updated on March 29, 2023

Using the Smoke of Deceit in Dota 2 requires a bit of understanding of the game. You also have to learn the pacing of the match as well as the different stages of a game, like early, mid, and late games.

Strategy in MOBAs exemplifies the greatness of the genre. From group decisions to individual movements, these choices matter in the grand scheme. Pickoffs on important enemies are key to pushing through with an objective. 

For these moments, the concept of ganking is made, and it revolves around conventional ambush tactics. The team jumps and unsuspecting hero and tries to take them down without any reactions. With enough Damage and Disables, anyone can die.

The Smoke of Deceit is an item that is one of a kind in the MOBA genre. It provides a way to break stalemates that no other invisibility mechanic can. Even in a place with great vision, a well-time smoke can change the course of a game. 

The power of smoke is understated, but when we see it used well in a pro game, the crowd erupts on their feet. But what is the Smoke of Deceit, and how does it function in Dota?

Smoke Value?

The active ability of Smoke is Disguise, which covers affected units with invisibility. But how does this differ from the invisibility of other sources? A disguise is a form of invisibility that is immune to True Sight. Sentries and other detection mechanics cannot break smoke invisibility, even outposts.

Walking to an enemy hero or building is the only way to break its invisibility other than timing it out. Smoke plays are the perfect way to set up for an ambush.

Its only drawbacks are the fact that most players don’t know how to use it. Another is its stock time in the shop, clocking in at 7 minutes. Most players are content with using it without any objectives in mind, which prolongs and ruins games.

Not being seen under smoke is something some players aren’t even aware of. What then are the best ways to utilize smoke for maximum value? Let’s discuss usage and strategy.

When and How to Use Smoke of Deceit

Image of Ambush with Smoke of Deceit

Smoking together as a team is fun, but know how many us good. In the early to mid-game, try running with 2 to 3 heroes per smoke gank. This is further improved by showing heroes on the map, to make enemies feel safe.

The hero with the initiation goes first, and the follow-ups are right behind for easy execution. The invisibility breaks when you are within the 1025 range of heroes or buildings. Bring observer wards to cover vision, especially in the nighttime when hero sight is lesser.

Another way to utilize smokes is when you need to set up vision as support. When the game is even, supports can also smoke for deep ward vision in enemy territory. In future fights, the value of these wards is big when the fights go down under them.

If there are no wards and ganks to set up, then perhaps a hero can use it to farm big stacks. Tinkers use smoke to laser farm ancients to avoid dying them.

Whether it’s professional or pubs, Smokes are used to gain advantages. Suppose every player in the world knows how to use it, perhaps we’ll have better game quality in the long run. But for now, try to buy if it’s 3 stacks in the shop. Don’t forget that you can use spells when under smoke without breaking them.

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