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Why You Should Buy the Force Staff in Dota 2

Why You Should Buy the Force Staff in Dota 2

    Last Updated on March 24, 2023

You need to buy the Force Staff in Dota 2. The importance of positioning in a MOBA game determines winning or losing. Though this isn’t apparent in pubs, professional games emphasize this in their movement. 

Important players are in the back and do not move up until it’s safe. Many items exist to have mobility, and heroes are mobile by design. Blink Daggers and Boots are the main things that allow for mobility outside of hero abilities.

However, we cannot deny that flat mobility and blink are somewhat unreliable. Blink Dagger goes into cooldown when you take damage. High movement speed cannot save you if the enemy can disable you.

 In a world of slows and stuns, you need instant, forced movement to escape difficult places. The force staff is your friend, and it takes its place among the pantheon of item gods. But how does this inexpensive item prevent a losing game?

The History of the Force Staff

Force Staff is an old item, dating back to 2009, in DotA 6.60 version. It was also during this time when Batrider debuted in the DotA scene with his fiery skillset. It was a unique addition to the items because it offered forced directional movement. 

Wherever the target faced, Force Staff would push that unit in that direction. The forced movement pushes them up and down cliffs, through some blockades, and yes, away from danger. 

It started off by giving attack speed with Quarterstaff as a component, but it would change over time. The second component switched between Ring of Regen and Ring of Health twice, before settling with Fluffy Hat. 

Over time, the cooldown went from 30 seconds on release, to 19 seconds in update 7.32, a span of almost 15 years. Wonky interactions plagued Force Staff, because pushing out of Black Hole and Chronosphere and similar spells were glaring problems.

So, Why The Push Stick?

Image of Force Staff in Inventory

The issue is, although it is useful, Force Staff doesn’t entice players to buy it. Players like to buy Dota 2 items that deal damage or progress their hero’s power. Force Staff sees purchase in ranged cores that build Hurricane Pike, which Force is a component of. 

We believe that Force Staff is as crucial as Black King Bar in terms of survivability. The emergency movement that the item brings could be clutch in intense situations.

When an ally is a target of har disables, you can force them farther from the enemy to prevent more setups. You can push enemies into your team due to Force Staff having more cast range against enemies. 

Few can react to a sudden enemy Force cast, creating opportunities to set up for Disables. Directional movement is its only weakness, as miscommunication can push the target in an unintended direction. Powerful yet cheap, no one buys it enough, is what we think.

Give defensive items a chance when you play your Dota games. They might not be as fun, but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? Force, BKB, Linken, these items need love, so don’t forget about them—the pros use them a lot!

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