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Where to Find Havenite in Sun Haven

Where to Find Havenite in Sun Haven

    Last Updated on May 19, 2023

Havenite is one of the rarest minerals you can find in Sun Haven. With the city of Sun Haven as its namesake, it is easy to understand how epic it is. Since it is a rare mineral, getting a Havenite is not easy. In this article, we will talk about Havenite and where to find it in Sun Haven.

What You Can Do With It

Havenite is a very valuable resource with many uses. For starters, it is a universally beloved item by every romanceable NPC. Gifting a Havenite to your love interest will drastically increase your chances of marrying them. If you are having trouble figuring out what to get as a gift, you can never go wrong with a Havenite.

However, if you want to make money you can also Havenite for a high price. The exact amount of gold you can get for selling it is 180 coins. While that number may not seem too high, selling a large number of them will net you a fortune. If you do not want to give it out freely as a gift, just make a profit out of it.

Moreover, you can also donate it to the Museum. While giving it away for free does not seem like a good idea, doing so can get you bountiful rewards. Havenite is part of the Gems Bundle in the Museum. Completing the Gems Bundle will reward you with a Gem Trophy and a Black Diamond Ring.

Lastly, it is needed in some of the quests available in the game. One quest that requires it for completion is the Mining Altar quest. It is also needed for some of the main quests so be sure to save some of it before selling them all.

Havenite Location

The best place to find Havenite is on the deepest floors of the Sun Haven Mines. The Havenite veins are usually located near the walls of the mine, so be sure to check those areas carefully. You can also find Havenite by mining other ores in the Sun Haven Mines. However, this is a much less efficient way to find Havenite, as the drop rate is very low.

The exact floors where you can get it are floors 41-50. You can get there by unlocking the previous floors with their respective keys. If you unlock it using keys, it will be easier for you to come back whenever you leave the mines.

Additionally, make sure to bring a Pickaxe strong enough to destroy a Havenite Vein. The strength of its vein is more or less the same as the other ores you can see on the deepest floors of the Sun Haven Mines.

If you are having trouble finding Havenite, do not worry because it is a rare jewel that isn’t too abundant. Just be patient and keep mining your hearts out in the deepest depths of the Sun Haven Mines. Once you get your hands on these precious jewels, make sure to utilize them well.

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