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When to Get Mjollnir or Gleipnir in Dota 2?

When to Get Mjollnir or Gleipnir in Dota 2?

    Last Updated on April 1, 2023

Building items in the MOBA game Dota 2, like Mjollnir or Gleipnir, can determine the outcome of the game. It could slide as a mistake due to the risk of getting the item. Yet, guide item choices make games easy, but smart item choices make the winning games. 

The moment players decide to choose items to adapt to a match is where real skill growth begins. In a true test of skill, a player must choose from two similar items and weigh the benefits and risks.

Mjollnir is an old item in Dota 2, dating back to DotA patch 6.38 in 2006. Meanwhile, Gleipnir is part of the recent item additions, debuting in patch 7.28 in 2020. They build from the Maelstrom item and provide different bonuses for their buyers. 

While Mjollnir is a tested veteran, Gleipnir finds its value in broad fights and skirmishes. Assuming you have a Maelstrom and the gold, when do you get Mjollnir or Gleipnir?

You Want to Hit More with Mjollnir or Gleipnir

Image of Mjollnir or Gleipnir Gameplay

Mjollnir is one of the two upgrade paths for Maelstrom. It offers the swifter method of taking down your enemies with magic damage to boot. Yet, the secret is its item component, which is the Hyperstone. It’s an item that gives immense attack speed to the wielder. 

But the x-factor of Mjollnir is Static Charge, its active ability. This active hits 12 units at a time with 180 magical damage as far as 650 units away. Its damage is useful against illusion-centric heroes.

Its downside is that it relies on lockdown and enemy attacks to be reliable in fights. Mjollnir’s power is if its holder can hit enemies all the time. With that said, it works in the hands of physical damage heroes, benefitting from attack speed. 

Will I do more damage with this? Will I be able to hit at all with this? Is there an illusion hero on the enemy? These are some questions you ask yourself before buying. If they align, then you should purchase Mjollnir.

How to Be Annoying in Dota 2

Image of Mjollnir or Gleipnir Gameplay

Gleipnir is your pick when it comes to maelstrom-building heroes that benefit from more lockdowns. After getting Maelstrom, you follow with the Rod of Atos component and its recipe. Its upgrade over Atos is that Gleipnir roots enemies in an AoE, and damages them upon latching. 

This item is undoubtedly useful when going against high-mobility heroes and catching escapees. You still benefit from the chain lightning, and its overall stat bonuses are better than Mjollnir.

The downside of Gleipnir is its premise of being a better lockdown item. When you build disable for a CC-heavy hero, you’re better off building other items. Gleipnir doesn’t benefit heroes who do not hit fast and hard. 

Before you think of buying Gleipnir, is disabling enemies your main goal in team fights? Will you be joining in team fights after and stop farming? Will I have enough mana to use it more than once in a fight? If the answers align, buy the Gleipnir.

These two items fulfill different goals but are good items nonetheless. Yet, nothing stops you from getting both items. However, it might be redundant and wasteful. Choose the best lightning stick to buy, Mjollnir or Gleipnir, and let it shock your way to victory.

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