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When Is Buying Dagon in Dota 2 Good?

When Is Buying Dagon in Dota 2 Good?

    Last Updated on April 1, 2023

Burst damage is one of many ways to damage enemies in the game of Dota 2— especially for the Dagon. Its strategic importance is in its usage in ganks. Fast, powerful, and never giving a chance to react is the consistent concept around burst damage. 

Most heroes in Dota have an ability that functions as burst damage, but that may not be enough. This is why in the list of Dota items, a burst damage option can be bought—the item called Dagon.

Dagon is a unique item, even after additions and removals of similar items. It’s the only item in the game that has five upgrades to itself. With each upgrade this item gets, the more power it can unload with each usage. 

When certain heroes pick up this item, there are bound to be heroes dropping within a second. Despite this power, the Dagon in Dota 2 doesn’t see much purchase in present matches. So when should you buy the item?

How does the Dagon in Dota 2 Work?

Image of Dagon in Dota 2 Gameplay

Dagon is a magical item in the upgrades section. When you use its active, Energy Burst, it deals moderate to heavy magic damage from a generous distance. It is also the only item that is upgradable by itself, after the removal of Necronomicon.

Like the removed item, it undergoes a visual change that highlights the said power-up. This visual change isn’t present in the portrait, but in the animation when used by heroes.

Dagon starts as a small, red beam of energy, ending with a fat wave of scarlet magic. Most players see the Dagon as a bad manner pick-up for most heroes. It is due to the nature of Dagon doing its damage for the gold it takes to max it out. 

Sure, it works for some heroes, but it doesn’t click for most heroes in rotation. Dagon as an item only gets playtime when the players are looking to have fun. But this isn’t to say a nasty Tinker player won’t pick it up for the damage.

Hero Choice

Image of Dota 2 Heroes

Buying a Dagon in Dota 2 depends on the right hero, or it won’t work well. The most iconic hero combination for the item is Nyx Assassin— he even has a cosmetic for it. Ogre Magi is a fan favorite after the changes to Multicast, which included items. 

For Lion and Necrophos, it ensures a successful kill, which guarantees their infinite scaling stacks. As for KOTL, Dagon benefits from his magic resistance reduction and significant cast range.

Other heroes that are good with Dagon are Pugna and Rubick. Both have a magic damage buff in their kit—yes, Rubick’s passive applies to Dagon. Pugna receives another burst, adding to his Decrepify and Nether Blast combo. 

Dota’s design philosophy becomes highlighted when players make hero and item choices work. One game that highlights this is EG winning vs. EHOME in a mega creep comeback in TI6. With no magic resistance, Dagon won EG’s game.

From team strategies to your midlaner rushing it as the first item, Dagon is an interesting experiment. It’s also one of the items you buy at full inventory, like Agh’s Blessing, Divine Rapier, or Aeon Disk. However, don’t underestimate its power in the right circumstances. When the going gets physical and armored, switch to magic and GO! GO! DAGON!

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