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What is a Steam Wallet?

What is a Steam Wallet?

    Last Updated on May 26, 2023

Your Steam Wallet is your best friend when it comes to buying anything in the app. Steam is one of the largest digital distribution platforms in terms of the PC gaming sector. If you are a PC gamer, there is a high probability you have Steam downloaded on your computer.

Essentially, the Wallet is a digital bank. It allows users to add funds to their Steam Account, which in turn, can be used to purchase games available on Steam. You can also use Codes to pre-purchase a select number of funds to add to your account.

Since it’s a digital bank, you might ask how to add more funds. There are multiple ways to top-up or add money. You can also enter your card information on the Steam App, or add funds directly to it.

However, it is a one-way transaction. It means that you can only add funds to it, but you cannot transfer the funds to your wallet elsewhere. Please take note of that before placing a little too many of your funds in the wallet. 

How to Add Funds to Your Steam Wallet 

Image of Topping Up Your Steam Wallet
  1. Launch the Steam app on your computer.
  2. On the right-hand corner of the screen, click your Steam profile username and then click on “Account details.” 
  3. Once you are in “Account details” move your cursor over to “Store & Purchase History” just below the headline, and click the button that says “Add funds to your Steam Wallet.” 
  4. Choose the number of funds you wish to add to your Steam Wallet. 
  5. There are multiple payment methods available to add funds to your wallet such as Mastercard, Visa, Gcash, Paypal, eClub Points, etc. 
  6. Once you have chosen a payment method, you can now add funds to your wallet anytime you need. 

How to Add Funds Using a Gift Card or Wallet Code

  1. Purchase a Steam gift card or wallet code.
  2. Launch Steam and scratch off your gift card to reveal the code number. 
  3. Head to “Account details” on Steam then click “Add Funds to your Steam Wallet.” 
  4. Once you are on the Steam Wallet funds page, move your cursor to the right and click on “Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet code.” 

Enter the number located on your gift card or wallet code and click “Continue” to verify that you are redeeming the code to top up.

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