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What are the Final Fantasy XI Races?

What are the Final Fantasy XI Races?

    Last Updated on June 15, 2023

In the vast world of Final Fantasy XI’s Vana’diel, where epic adventures await at every turn, players are presented with a crucial decision. The choice of their character’s race. While selecting a starting class or race isn’t new to MMORPGs or Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy XI takes this choice a step further. This is by making all five races unique, each with its own deep lore and in-game motivations. Indeed, each of Final Fantasy XI races brings forth unique traits, captivating backstories, and a multitude of possibilities. 

Nevertheless, let us take a closer look at each of the five Final Fantasy XI races. Additionally, we’ll try to show the differences and strengths that set them apart from each other. Let us start off by showing you the best race for new players before moving forward to detailing each of them.

Final Fantasy XI Races – Best for Beginners

At the end of the day, Final Fantasy XI is still a game. Despite its deep lore and interesting stories to tell, there is still a playable race that is far more “user-friendlier” than most. Such is true with any MMORPG. For beginners in Final Fantasy XI, the Hume race is often considered a good choice. Humes are the most versatile among all five Final Fantasy XI races, making them the perfect race for newbies to play around with. However, it lacks the specialization that veterans of the game may want to capitalize on.

Why the Hume Race is Perfect for Beginners

Here are a few reasons why Hume can be a solid option for beginners:

  • Versatility. Humes are the most balanced race in Final Fantasy XI. This allows them to easily fit any job class that you may want. Think of it as the jack of all trades, but a master of none.
  • Ease of Adaptation. It is only natural to want to explore the different systems of the MMORPG as a beginner. Indeed, Humes are the perfect starting character for anyone who wants to spend the first few hours just getting the feel out of the game.
  • Accessibility. Humes have no inherent elemental strengths or weaknesses, meaning they are not particularly vulnerable to any specific type of magic or attack. This can make it easier to survive encounters and learn the game mechanics without worrying about being overly vulnerable to certain enemies.
  • Starting Location. Humes begin their journey in the city of San d’Oria, which is known for its welcoming atmosphere and friendly NPCs. The starting area provides a good introduction to the game’s mechanics and quests, allowing beginners to acclimate themselves to the world of Final Fantasy XI.

Remember, while the choice of Final Fantasy XI races is important, it’s just one aspect of character creation. The most important factor is to choose a race and job combination that aligns with your personal preferences and playstyle. 

With that out of the way, here are the five Final Fantasy XI races.

Humes: The Foundation of Adaptability

Final Fantasy XI Races Humes

Humes, the quintessential race resembling humans, form most of Vana’diel’s population. Blessed with versatility and a balanced array of attributes, Humes possess adaptability as their defining trait. This versatility enables them to excel in various job classes, effortlessly transitioning from a mighty warrior to a great mage or a skilled ranger. With their diverse talents, Humes become the symbol of adaptability, appealing to those who value flexibility and well-roundedness.

Elvaan: Grace and Might United

Final Fantasy XI Races Elvaan

With an air of nobility and a majestic presence, the Elvaan Final Fantasy XI race captures the imagination. Towering over other races, their tall and elegant stature exudes a sense of grandeur. Moreover, Elvaan characters possess exceptional physical strength, making them the epitome of melee combat prowess. Their affinity for swords, lances, and martial arts enables them to excel in jobs such as warriors, paladins, or dragoons. Choosing an Elvaan character signifies a dedication to the path of formidable physical might and a steadfast commitment to honor and chivalry.

Tarutaru: Enigmatic Masters of Magic

Final Fantasy XI Races Tarutaru

From their small forms, the Tarutaru race harnesses a mighty power—the art of magic. These childlike beings possess an unparalleled skill for spellcasting, captivating players with their astounding mastery of the arcane. As the favored race for aspiring black mages, white mages, and summoners, Tarutaru characters radiate a brilliance that lights the darkest of dungeons and turns the tide of battles. Behind their youthful facade lies a race of great intellect and magical prowess, enchanting those who yearn for the allure of the mystic arts.

Mithra: Graceful Feline Warriors


In the dense forests and shining moonlit nights of Vana’diel, the Mithra race prowls, captivating hearts with their feline charm. These agile and lithe beings possess an inherent grace that, when combined with their natural dexterity, makes them formidable warriors. As masters of ranged combat and stealth, Mithra characters embrace the roles of thieves, rangers, or dancers. With cat-like ears perched atop their heads and a swaying tail, Mithra embody a rare blend of elegance and ferocity, enticing adventurers who seek to excel in the art of precision and finesse.

Galka: Guardians of Resilience


Among the playable Final Fantasy XI races, the hulking and stoic Galka stand as the symbol of strength and endurance. These beast-like creatures, standing above their counterparts in height, radiate an aura of resilience and fortitude. Galka characters excel in jobs that demand physical prowess, such as warriors, monks, or samurais. Furthermore, Galka’s strong nature and stoic determination inspire awe, as their tale is covered in mystery and rarity. Choosing a Galka character signifies a commitment to unyielding resolve, unfaltering loyalty, and the indomitable spirit of a guardian.

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