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What Are The Best Ways to Earn Tickets in Sun Haven?

What Are The Best Ways to Earn Tickets in Sun Haven?

    Last Updated on May 20, 2023

Sun Haven is a charming farming simulator with a lot to offer to players, including earning Tickets in Sun Haven. From growing crops and raising animals to exploring mines and fighting monsters, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. However, one of the most important resources in Sun Haven is Tickets.

You can use Tickets in Sun Haven as a form of currency at Withergate. In turn, you can purchase a variety of items from the game’s shops, including new clothes, furniture, and even pets. As we all know, money makes the world go round. In Withergate, tickets make their city go round.

There are a few different ways to earn tickets in Sun Haven. Here are some of the best methods:


An image of the Fog Puzzle in Sun Haven

One of the best ways to earn tickets is through farmwork. You already do this as part of your daily routine and it is one of the free ways to earn tickets. When you chop down trees, till the soil, or clear weeds, you have a chance to earn tickets as a bonus. The more you clean up your farm, the more tickets you will earn.

However, doing farmwork is not the most lucrative way of earning Tickets. You can only get a handful of Tickets when doing such things and it is not always granted. However, it is a great way of earning extra Tickets without spending any money.

Fishing in Withergate

An image of Fishing in Withergate

Fishing is a relaxing way to earn Tickets in Sun Haven. The fishing mini-game is one of the beloved aspects of any farming simulator. Not only is it fun and relaxing to catch fish, but you can also earn a considerable amount of Tickets from doing it.

When you fish in Withergate, you have a chance to catch some rare fish that you can sell for a high price. The amount of tickets you get for selling fish varies on the kind that you catch. Normally, the selling price of fish ranges from 4-28 tickets. If you spend a considerable amount of time fishing, you are sure to earn more than a handful of tickets.

Complete Daily Quests

There are a few different daily quests that you can complete in Sun Haven. You can complete these quests quickly and easily, and they offer a good amount of tickets as a reward. To do so, just check the bulletin board at Withergate.

If you see a quest on the bulletin board that is doable, go snatch it right up as it refreshes daily. The things you will need to do at these quests vary so you will not feel any repetitiveness. Finishing daily quests not only gives you tickets, but you can earn a variety of rewards as well.

Defeat Monsters in Withergate

Withergate is a dangerous place teeming with monsters, but it is also a great place to earn tickets. When you defeat monsters in Withergate you have a chance to earn tickets as a reward. The more difficult the monster is to defeat, the more tickets you will earn.

If you want to hunt down some monsters to earn Tickets, you can find them usually in the Withergate Sewers or Withergate Outskirts. Not only is it fun to beat down monsters, but earning from it makes it even better.

Selling Withergate Crops

Another great way to earn tickets is by selling Withergate crops. Withergate crops are unique crops that you can only grow at your Withergate farm. As a farming simulator, farming is the name of the game and Sun Haven is not complete without it.

One of the best crops in Withergate is the Demon Orb crop. The price of its seeds is a bit pricey costing around 630 coins each. However, these crops only take 3 days to grow and it sells for 16 Tickets. If you have a ton of coins to spare, you can never go wrong investing it in crops.

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