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What Are Fire Emblem Engage Growth Rates?

What Are Fire Emblem Engage Growth Rates?

    Last Updated on October 3, 2023

In Fire Emblem Engage, mastering the battlefield isn’t just about planning and reacting, it’s also about understanding your units and their capabilities. Central to this understanding are the Fire Emblem Engage Growth Rates, which play a pivotal role in shaping your characters’ development.

In this article, we will explain in detail what Fire Emblem Engage Growth Rates are and what you should do with it.


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Understanding Growth Rates

Growth Rates are numerical values that determine the likelihood of a character’s stats improving when they level up. These rates are influenced by two key factors: the character’s inherent growth rate and their current class’s growth rate.

Fire Emblem Engage features ten distinct stats: HP, Strength, Magic, Dexterity, Speed, Defense, Resistance, Luck, and Build. Each of these stats has its own growth rate, affecting how your characters perform in different aspects of the game.

To illustrate the concept, consider Alear, a character proficient in Swords. Alear’s Strength growth rate stands at 35, indicating a fair chance of improvement. However, Alear’s class, the Divine Child, has a Strength growth rate of ten, resulting in a combined rate of 45%. While not exceptional, you can enhance Alear’s Strength growth by changing their class to Hero or Berserker, significantly improving their overall potential.

Classes in Fire Emblem Engage come with their own set of growth rate values. For instance, some classes excel in Strength, while others prioritize Defense or Magic. This diversity allows you to tailor your characters to specific roles on the battlefield.


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Optimizing Fire Emblem Engage Growth Rates

Strategic players can optimize growth rates by carefully selecting classes for their characters. Promoting characters and acquiring new proficiencies can lead to substantial improvements in their growth rates. Keep an eye out for characters like Anna, who, despite her initial Axe Fighter class, boasts one of the game’s highest base Magic Fire Emblem Engage growth rates.

Intriguingly, growth rates can surpass 100%. For example, Boucheron starts with an HP growth rate of 85. By joining the Berserker class, he adds 30 to this number, resulting in an impressive 115% HP growth rate. This means Boucheron will consistently gain one HP when leveling up, with a 15% chance of a double boost, increasing his HP by two.

In Fire Emblem Engage, understanding Growth Rates is essential for success on the battlefield. By grasping the mechanics behind these rates, optimizing them through class choices, and maximizing their potential, players can craft a formidable team of heroes ready to face any challenge. So, embark on your journey, fine-tune your characters, and master the art of Growth Rates to achieve victory in the game.

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