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What are Dota 2 Runes?

What are Dota 2 Runes?

    Last Updated on April 7, 2023

Of the mechanics in MOBAs, there are none like time-locked objectives— like Dota 2 runes. These events add a layer of excitement, due to the nature of these objectives. In the game Dota 2, the iconic Roshan is part of these historic time-based objectives. However, the Aegis isn’t the only thing that players struggle to compete for. A group of powerful objectives command player attention before they even spawn. These objectives are what we call the runes of power.

The Dota 2 runes are a set of objectives that spawn in intervals in specific places on the map. They are grouped into two categories: power runes and bounty runes. Power runes provide bonuses that can give a great advantage to a hero. Bounty runes are a recent addition that provides bonus gold to the collecting team. Teams are wise to pick up runes and use their power to win—but what are the different runes in Dota 2?

Haste Rune

Runes of Haste

Should anyone collect this red rune, they shall soon move faster than the wind. For twenty-two seconds, a hero travels at 550 movement speed and cannot be slowed. For some unknown reason, this rune appears when a chasing hero least expects it. Due to the nature of Haste, you can see some hexed targets move at high speed! Be sure to use haste as a means to rotate and help other lanes, or to escape a gank.

Regeneration Rune

Regenration Runes in Dota 2

A soothing wave of evergreen restoration swarms over the collector of this rune. Regeneration is a rune that puts a smile on a wounded hero’s face. After picking it up, a hero begins to heal 6% of their HP and Mana per second for thirty seconds. If a hero fully heals before the duration ends, the bonus ends immediately. Thus, it is important to maximize regeneration by casting spells as it runs. Don’t get hit by enemy heroes though, they cancel the regen too!

Double Damage Rune

Double Damage Runes in Dota

With a crackle of power, this blue rune injects might and power into its collector. Double Damage is a self-explanatory rune, but not like the rest. It gives its collector 100% more base damage for forty-five seconds. Iconic Dota moments are often marked by a time when a DD rune is contested—think Liquid vs Newbee at TI7. Roshan melts to a DD holder, so let your Carry pick it up to maximize the damage—let them bottle it too!

Illusion Rune

Illusion Runes in Dota

Upon picking up this yellow rune, its collector finds itself looking into two copies of themselves. The illusion rune is interesting because it employs mind games on enemies. Its powerful benefit to the collector is the newly added ability to dispel soft disables like silences and slows. Another thing to keep in mind is that this dispels functions like Manta Style, meaning you can dodge with it. 

Invisibility Rune

Invisibility Rune

A dark purple hue blankets its collector under the guise of nothingness. The Invisibility rune is a rune of power that gives the element of surprise. While not as incredible as the rest, well-timed invisibility can throw off even the well-prepared. Ambush tactics are the way to go when employing the rune. Heroes without their initiation capabilities are recommended to pick up this rune.

No one can react to an Echo Slam from invisibility or an instant hex from Lion. Use this rune in the essence of ambush and surprise. Lasts for forty-five seconds.

Arcane Rune

Arcane Runes

Bright violet spectrums empower even the most learned of spellcasters who have taken this rune. Arcane is a power rune that improves spellcasting. Mana costs and cooldowns under this rune are reduced by thirty percent for fifty seconds. This proves most useful to heroes with spell-based DPS sources like the Spirit Brothers. Remember that Arcane also affects items—do with that info however you want.

Water Rune

Water Dota 2 Runes

This clear, blue rune does its job, even if others perform better than it. Water runes are a limited variety of runes and the newest addition to the runes of power. Its role is unique to the runes because it only spawns in the early game. In the second and fourth minutes of the game, two Water runes will appear at the top and bottom rivers. 

Water runes are the solution to the insane advantages of early power runes. They provide HP and Mana, and two bottle charges if stored. Their advantage is limited to HP and mana only, something the community received well.

Bounty Rune

Bounty Dota 2 Runes

Many a hero becomes a victim to the deep, yellow allure of this rune. The Bounty runes are a unique member of the power runes. Their power isn’t in providing short-term power, but long-term benefits instead. These runes provide a team with gold, no matter which member collects it. Bounties also have a unique spawn time, starting from minute zero, and every three minutes after that. Diligence in picking up these Dota 2 runes results in a significant gold advantage.

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