Valorant Lotus Map Callouts you Should Know

Valorant Lotus Map Callouts you Should Know

    Last Updated on March 31, 2023

Lotus map callouts are confusing because, well, it is the most complex map of Valorant so far. The newest kid in the block of map rotations is as difficult as any map out there. That is why it is crucial to learn the map callouts to communicate with your team properly.

The map is similar to Haven, having three sites and all, but it has distinct features exclusive to Lotus. The large map includes rotating doors, a breakable wall, and a silent drop that’s sure to catch anyone by surprise.

While the ninth map in Valorant is challenging, it isn’t anymore as long as you do your homework. What homework you might ask? You can learn all about the Valorant Lotus Map Callouts right here in this article. However, you should also learn the best agents to use in Lotus.

Attacker-Sided Lotus Map Callouts

A Site

On the attack, the way to go A from your spawn is going through the A Lobby. This is pretty straightforward, but here is the photo for A Lobby.

Image of Lotus A-Lobby

The minute you step outside A Lobby, you will meet the opposition. After all, defenders like to peek at that entrance. If you want to know the callout for that big tree and the wall beside it, it is A Root and A Rubble.

Image of Lotus A Root and A Rubble

Now the creepy-looking wall you see on the right side of the picture above is a door. It is one of the exclusive features you can see on Lotus. You can activate it to rotate, letting you inside that area. It is called A Door. 

Image of Lotus A Rotating Door

B Site

The least complicated callouts for attackers is the road to the B Site of all sites in Lotus. You just head straight into a corridor, and then that’s it. You can call the hallway you pass through B Pillars.

Image of Lotus Map Callout B Pillars

Once you enter inside, you will now officially be at B Main. Enough said on this area of the map. There is another revolving door here leading to the entrance of C Site.

Image of Lotus Map Callout B Main

C Site

Just like the B Site, the attackers’ path to the C Site of Lotus is straightforward. Just continue walking down, and you will reach C Lobby.

Image of Lotus Map Callout C Mound and C Lobby

The notable callouts in C Lobby are C Mound, which is the piled-up sand in the middle, and C Door. You can see both of them in the picture above. 

Defender-Sided Lotus Map Callouts

A Site

On the defenders’ side, you have a wide range of options on where you will position yourself. One of the popular spots for defenders is the A Stairs. You can see it below.

Image of Lotus Map Callout A Stairs

The next callout you’ll learn for A Site is the notorious A Link. It features another exclusive feature which is the breakable door. You can see it below:

Image of Lotus Map Callout A Breakable Door

The last callout for A Site is known for the notorious silent drop. While you’re on top, it is called the A Top. And quite literally, the area below is called A Drop because you drop into it. 

Image of Lotus Map Callout A Drop and A Top

B Site 

Because the B Site is undoubtedly tiny, there isn’t much to cover here. However, the B Site has a verticality on it. The callout for that is B Upper.

Image of Lotus Map Callout B Upper

The area below is just the whole of B Site. Pretty boring, right? However, you can also call the planting spots by different callouts. You can call the default plant as Center Plant and the plant for B Main as Double Box. Don’t forget the callout to A Link, which players commonly call Breakable Doors.

Image of Lotus Map Callout B Site

C Site

The C site’s callouts are fairly easy to remember. You can simply call the entrance to site C Main. Ain’t that callout popular? However, you can also call out where the attackers hide. It’s simply a matter of calling it out as C Mound, Left Cubby, or Close Right.

Image of Lotus Map Callout C Main

The other position defenders can hold is the C Waterfall or C Link. You can use either callout since people commonly use them. C Waterfall or C Link looks like this:

Image of Lotus Map Callout C Waterfall or C Link

Leading into C Site from Defender’s Spawn is C Hall. This callout is easy to remember because it makes sense. However, most players tend to forget it in the heat of the moment. If that happens, you can just call it Defender Spawn.

Image of Lotus Map Callout C Hall

The last callout you’ll need to learn is the area leading up to C Hall. Yet, the official map callout undoubtedly labels it as C Gravel. After all, the noise someone makes when running across it sounds like boots on gravel.

Image of Lotus Callout C Gravel

That’s our entire list of Lotus Map callouts in Valorant. If you also want to read more guides, head over to our website. We write about anything and everything gaming to help gamers worldwide. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest esports and gaming news.

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