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Valheim Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Valheim Tips & Tricks for Beginners

    Last Updated on April 19, 2023

As fun as it may sound to dive into Valheim without any prior knowledge, it’s just not advisable. Valheim has a myriad of systems and gameplay beats that you should always pay attention to. Believe us, it can be downright confusing at times. Without preparation, the game’s Viking afterlife may just eat you alive. Worse yet, you may not appreciate the game for what it is just because you had a tough early game. With that said, here are a few Valheim tips and tricks to ensure that you have a lovely time with the game right off the bat.

Valheim Tips: Grab As Many Wood and Stone As You Can

Just like any other survival, crafting-based open-world game, Valheim has the importance of gathering resources front and center. Any genre fan should already be aware that the first thing you should do right after spawning is to gather wood and stone. These basic resources are the foundation of almost every building material in such games, and Valheim is no different. Every Valheim guide you can find online would most likely include this particular entry as well! 

Go to the nearest small tree and start wailing on it with your bare fist. After a few hits, it should break into wooden logs that you can pick up. As for the stones, just walk around and pick them up.

Focus On Crafting Axe And Hammer First

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The world of Valheim, as pretty as it may, is filled with hostile creatures. Naturally, you need something to defend yourself from such. Although you can go and make yourself an early weapon, it’s better you just make a base first. And to do that, you need an axe and hammer. 

Browse the Crafting menu in your Inventory and look at what you need to make them. After that, start gathering the resources you need. Do not worry, they shouldn’t be that hard to create. The axe will help you chop down trees at a faster rate. Meanwhile, the hammer would be the tool that allows you to create materials, and eventually your base.

While we’re at it, craft yourself a workbench and building area as soon as you can. This will unlock several new crafting options for you. Soon enough, your workbench should be your best friend in the game. You’d go back to it again and again! This is perhaps the most crucial thing in our beginner tips and tricks, so better get to it ASAP.

Build A Bed And Campfire To Serve As Your Respawn Point

Your Valheim base isn’t done without a bed and campfire. This serves two purposes in the game. The first is to allow players to skip the dark of the night. The second is to serve as the players’ Valheim respawn point. You wouldn’t want to brave the Viking afterlife without first establishing a respawn point. Believe us.

Take note that the bed and campfire should come in pairs—one shouldn’t be without the other. The problem, however, is that the campfire cannot be placed inside your wooden base. One of the best Valheim tips is to place your bed at the corner of your base next to the wall. After that, place the campfire outside the base itself beside your bed. The game doesn’t register the wall between them as a problem, so you should be good to go.

Quickfire Valheim Tips To Help You In The Early Game

Valheim Resources Tips

After doing the first three steps mentioned above, you should already be set to explore on your own and fully enjoy what the game has to offer. Nevertheless, in case you need more tips and tricks, we got you covered. Here are a few more Valheim tips to help you in the early game:

  • Step away from falling trees. They can kill you, especially in the early game.
  • Unlike deers, boars do not run away from you. Take advantage of that and start hunting boars first for their leather scraps. Use them to make a bow to then start taking down deer for their leather.
  • Always pay attention to your items’ durability. Make use of Valheim repair options to fix up your items before stepping out of your base. Take note that you can repair your items for free as long as you are using your workbench.
  • Skills diminish whenever you die. However, you can easily upgrade them by simply using them. For instance, your swimming skill can be upgraded by swimming, and so on.
  • Always keep a stock of cooked food with you. Valheim’s hunger meter is perhaps its most annoying system. However, as long as you have something to feed yourself every now and then, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

That’s that! Follow these Valheim tips and tricks for beginners and you’d practically ensure yourself a lovely early game. For more guides and helpful gaming articles, make sure you stay tuned to our website. While you’re at it, follow our socials as well!

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